Fashion Doll Friday: Integrity Sebastian Havoc 2014

This week our Friday Guy is once again from Naomi’s collection of male fashion dolls. He is Sebastian Havoc from the Poppy Parker collection by Integrity. He now goes by the name of Davros.

Naomi and I don’t have a lot of Integrity dolls in our collections. They are lovely, well made dolls but extremely expensive and hard to buy in Australia. We generally have to buy them used and usually from overseas. The guys are also very tall making them hard to dress. However, this one has such an unusual expression that he was a must have.



  1. So nice to see Davros (great name, too!). Yes, the Integrity dolls and clothes are very well made. While I find the female dolls often look pouty or snarky, the male dolls have more pleasant, but serious expressions. Totally agree with you about the cost of these dolls, plus they often sell out extremely quickly.

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  2. Very dashing if pensive. Wish I could afford more of the Integrity dolls, they liven up all gatherings/collections. Some of his outfit looks familiar, but his footwear steals the show! Looks like what I imagine an offspring of 007.What can I say, he’s just Yummy!

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  3. Thank you for this informative article. I knew nothing of Integrity Dolls and was pleasantly surprised by their edginess and attitude. They don’t seem to be old enough to be classified as retro or vintage though. However, today’s new doll is tomorrow’s rare vintage item.

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