Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Star Trek Captain Kirk 2020

Someone at Mattel must really love Star Trek. Or at least they love a good franchise. This week’s Friday Guy is another Captain Kirk. Naomi bought him recently to restyle. Chris Pine has been a great boon to us lately. He does look rather like the Paradise Island Steve Trevor doll but without the disadvantage of black hands. He is also fully articulated so he’s very poseable.

Eddie, as he will soon be known will be getting a shave and exchanging his uniform for some “bad boy” leathers I expect. We’ll show him off when he’s done.



  1. Cute guy. I must be way out of date with movies and dolls because I hadn’t heard of Chris Pine and hadn’t seen the Wonder Woman movies. Ignorance is never bliss, so I did a bit of research, with the result that I couldn’t find a Star Trek doll online that looks like Chris Pine. There is another Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor set where Steve doesn’t have black hands. It’s the WW84 Wonder Woman Barbie Signature set. Wonder Woman is wearing a white gown and Steve a dark flight jacket and pants and white accessories – normal hands, not black gloved. So perhaps Naomi’s doll is Steve Trevor dressed in a Star Trek outfit. A bonus buy nonetheless.

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    • No he is definitely Capt. Kirk. I watched her debox him. He is quite hard to find in a search because he’s pretty new. I only spotted one on eBay when I looked for a boxed one to show you. I have seen the new Steve Trevor and he is quite nice too. They would be a good set for us if he’s not too similar to Eddie. I have been a Star Trek fan all my life although not so much of the recent films which I feel have got away from the original idea of the series a bit. I’m probably just old. I didn’t really know anything about the Wonderwoman film franchise but we are always on the lookout for nice male dolls as the playline ones don’t appeal to us very much.


      • Wow, this Star Trek doll must be very new. All I can see online is what appears to be a prototype – he has Chris Pine’s face, but the hair and outfit are different. Yes, I too like more realistic male dolls (female as well but they are even harder to find). I started collecting Dragon military figures back in the 90s as I was impressed by the individual faces, sometimes based on real people. I’m selling some though, as my retirement house is too small for all of them. Male collectors love these dolls/figures. I prefer to stick with 1:6 scale and unfortunately there aren’t many Star Trek dolls in that scale. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this Chris Pine version.

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      • I think he is very new. In fact I think we had to preorder him. He might only have come out a couple of months ago and I’ve not seen many photos. I should have taken a photo before Naomi deboxed him.


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