Kid Creations Sindy Collectors Range 2020

I hadn’t read anything new about the new Sindy collection in so long that I feared that the project had been dumped.

However, the other day I received an email with a link to the video above. I was happy to learn that although the release date had been delayed the new dolls would be available as soon as November this year.

I liked the initial concept of these dolls so I was very pleased to see the video showing the final product. I hope that I will be able to afford to buy one myself.

Now that I have seen the video I will say that I am pretty happy with the dolls apart from a few personal dislikes. First, and most importantly, she looks like Sindy should look. They got the face right. A couple of the dolls have brown eyes but I am fine with that.

Sindy has an articulated body with joints at elbows, wrists and knees. The video does not show a nude doll so I’m not sure if she has a TNT waist. From the shape of her hands it looks as if she is modelled on the post 1968 Sindy bodies. I collect mostly 1963-67 Sindy’s myself but I feel that these new Sindy’s fit in with the evolution of the doll much better than any of the previous attempts by Hasbro and New Moon.

I am impressed with the clothing which looks like very good quality. I especially love the shoes, so much nicer than the plastic ones I grew up with. The bags are very nice as well. Sindy’s outfits are modern interpretations of classic Sindy fashions. I don’t really mind this because they are meant to be a new doll not a reproduction of an original. My two favourites would be the one with the trench coat and black outfit and the one with the cape which is based on Sindy’s 1960s houndstooth check cape. You know, I really would love it if Kid Kreations produced some separate Sindy fashions later. I hope they do. That’s the only trouble with collectible dolls. They are usually designed for display not play.

From what I have seen there are very few negatives. Of course we’ll know more when we can actually get our hands on one to see how well made they are but from what I’ve seen it looks good. My only little gripe is about the hair. This is my personal taste only. They all have nice hair but for me it is a bit too long on most of them. Remember I grew up with the short bobs of early 60s Sindy so that is what I like. I also don’t care for coloured hair so I personally would not want the pink or silver haired dolls even though I think that little dream date dress is cute. I do like the one with the short hair although in the video it looks as if her parting could use some work. Some of you may be disappointed that there is not a lot of ethnic diversity. The dolls do have different skin tones but I believe the object of the exercise was to recreate the classic Sindy face. If this issue is a success we can hope that Kid Kreations will go on and produce more fashion dolls in the future.

If you would like to know more about these dolls there is a Facebook page for those of you on social media and a website as well. I’ll leave links below.




  1. Thanks for the update on the new Sindy and for all the links. I agree that the hair is disappointing, but the shoes/boots/skates are fabulous. The clothes look like very good quality, and there is a lot of attention to detail in the accessories. My favourite is City Chic with the houndstooth cape and short hairstyle. I hope they will produce outfits to buy separately. I also hope I’ll be able to afford to buy at least one of these dolls.

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  2. These girls are indeed Fabulous! Let us pray they will be readily available AND affordable.It would be amazing if there were extra fashion packs as well as duplicates of the ones they come with so I might “share the love w/ older dolls or swap out first ones when they get too much display wear.. I am so curious if any clones might surface as well..Awesome to the links!

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    • Originally I heard that these new Sindys were going to be about $80 but not sure if that is true or not. I’d always pick buying a vintage doll over a new one. They can be harder to come by.


  3. I had never heard of Sindy before moving to the UK and beginning to collect dolls myself. I’m really eager to purchase one of these dolls to join the West Enders as she is so British! I’m just not sure which one to buy yet – I love the one in the cape because of the clothes, but I also love the one with pink hair… I doubt I’ll make up my mind until the very last minute!

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  4. I’m really excited about these as they look like the classic Sindy from my childhood! I’m actually keen to see the new jointed body too. I think the hands look great, but my era is mid seventies to mid eighties and they look like the active hands from then to me. I do have three Trendy girls and my Tonner repro feels and looks like them, only with a fancier up-do.
    I’ve ordered the pyjamas one as I could never afford a Gayle and I’m excited for a darker skin tone to add to my collection. I agree the hair looks jarringly long on a couple of these – especially on the Weekender. I love the classic Sindy low ponytail style best of all. I’m not interested in the fantasy hair either. Separate fashions would be amazing or a second line responding to fan feedback.

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