Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Superstar 1988

Today’s Friday Girl comes from Naomi’s collection. Thanks to the Facebook group “Australia Collectible Barbies” I was able to learn that she is Barbie Superstar from 1988. She has a little star in each eye which is how you can recognise her.

Barbie is wearing a western style outfit which I was surprised to learn was a Cool’n’Casual fashion pack from 1997. I would have guessed it was older.



  1. I saw this lady and didn’t buy her and was sorry as I had bought her Pink dress! I was just overwhelmed by how many blonde Barbie’s I had already but I know this one is sort of Iconic, and the eyes unique.Plus it is rather handy to have a blonde Barbie designed to look good in pink!

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  2. I hope I find her again as I’ve “filled out” other 1:6 dolls to celebrate the blondes. I am noticing a trend toward redheads, speaking of eyes I’m trying to identify a re-rooted head w/ brown eyes, she has a beauty mark and brown brows. She came in a set of red-headed heads. Someone re-rooted her a claret color.I’m calling her Autumn.I hope to bump into your gal soon as I’m seeing surges in big blonde Barbie’s lots, I saw 5 boxed dolls for $30 U.S. this morning. However , because they were damaged couldn’t use them for donation.

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