New Sindy is here

Well I did it. I ordered one of the new collectible Sindy’s. They are available for pre-order now from the website. The price is 79.99 pounds sterling. In Australian money that is about $145 and of course another 20 pounds for shipping. I know that’s a lot and I had my doubts about whether I should buy such an expensive doll but I knew if I didn’t make a decision I would miss out as there are only 1,963 of each doll being made.

New Sindy 2020

She is going to be shipped at the end of November so maybe she will be here for Christmas.

Are you wondering which one I picked? I bet you guessed it would be the short haired City Chic with the houndstooth cape. I was sorely tempted by the one in the trench coat too. I love that fashion but I really could not justify buying two as much as I’d love to.

Apparently there is an installment plan but it has been temporarily disabled due to a glitch on the website because of the high demand for the dolls. I would have used it otherwise but those of you hoping to order a doll or dolls may be able to. Keep checking the site. Here’s the address again.

By the way, if you want to spring for the whole collection it will only cost you a lazy UK479.94. 🙂



  1. I was just going to order one but couldn’t make up my mind so ended up with two! I bought Dream Date and the one in the trench coat. I’m really excited to have a couple of West Enders from this oh so British fashion doll line.

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  2. The short-haired Sindy would have been my pick, too. I was tempted, but realistically I couldn’t afford Sindy, especially as i had just bought another expensive doll. Well, I shall enjoy seeing your pictures when your Sindy arrives.

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    • I like her hair the best of all of them and the outfit is cute too. I will take her out of the box to be photographed when I get her but she’ll probably have to go back in until I have a display area for the Sindy’s they are all still boxed.


    • So am I normally and I’m usually very strict about keeping to my 1963-67 dolls although I love the 70s furniture and accessories. I don’t usually buy expensive reproductions but I really wanted one of these.


  3. They still look like little girls dressed up to me but happy Vanda got a Sindy doll she likes. The clothing is very nice and still looks sixties. I always thought the heads too big but not as bad as Bratz dolls. I’m afraid I am too hard to please these days.However I am still buying some nice guy dolls so watch out for them later. I’ll get Vanda to put them up as I am not blogging these days.

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