Fashion Doll Friday: Hunger Games Mockingjay Gale 2015

This week we have another Friday Guy. He is Gale from the Hunger Games franchise. As I mentioned in a previous post I spotted the two Hunger Games guys in the shops when they first came out and got them for Naomi and they were stored until just recently when she deboxed them.

Gale, now known as Jude, has the same intense eyes as his buddy Maverick and as far as I am aware his own unique facial sculpt. He has an articulated body. We think he looks cool in his original clothing so he hasn’t been redressed as yet.



  1. Cool ,I’ve wanted him and Katniss for some time but as I am still bagging /tagging still losing auctions, thought I’d try to let him pop up somewhere. I was using one of the rooted Justin Beiber for a while as there were different face-molds..lost a Beatles figure set that was sold locally. Then lost over 1K pics on phone after replacing battery.Time to get back to basics.So for now only three figures for this set.Effe,Finnick and Peeta.

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