Fashion Doll Friday: Divergent Four 2014

Today’s Friday Guy comes from the Divergent film franchise. Although we don’t care for these films about dystopian worlds they sure are becoming a great source of male dolls. You may recall that my Divergent Tris (the second one) has been a Friday Girl in the past.

According to the Mattel website Four, aka Zane, has the Ken Tango face and the articulated Harley Davidson Ken body. He is also resplendent with tattoos all over his back, arms and shoulders. Neither Naomi nor I admire tattoos so this put us off for a while but there are so few male fashion dolls we consider handsome these days that Naomi decided to get him anyway.

Zane will be allowed to keep a few of his tattoos but not all of them. We’ll show you his back again after he’s been to the tattoo removalist.



  1. I have this doll too and love the face mould. And he has hair, also a big plus. 🙂 I struggled through the first movie with a lot of fast-forward, actually to find out how the actual actor looked. I didn’t like the movie at all, but I love this doll! I’m curious to see how he will look with less tattoos, are you using alcohol to remove it?

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  2. A very nice face mould and the hairstyle is cute, but oh my, those tattoos. Looking forward to seeing what he wil look like without them.

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  3. I am on the fence about this guy..I loved the books/way better than the movies, don’t really think this face-mold looks much like the actor who played him..also this face represents two Twilight dolls I already have.(yet again not looking much like the actors that played the characters.) I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, but have some Spice girls w/ them and as they are real people per say, I have left them as is. I really wanted this doll because of the tattoos, which is odd for me..but I know what they represent from the books.I also want the Tris doll but only if she has long hair or her tattoo or both.If I can find them for the right price.I will look for a custom head that looks closer to the actor if there is one.. I love book character dolls but mostly if they are close to the idea or movie version.If I only wanted the body for that character I could re-head it w/Emmit from Twilight. Same w/ Katniss..another wish-list..the face makes the doll..Zane is a good name for this guy.I bet he’d look great on a motorcycle.

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    • I think this face sculpt is the same one they used for the blonde denim basics guy. We’re not wild about the tatts as they cover too much of his body but Naomi hopes she can remove the arm and shoulder part and just leave the line of symbols on his spine. I haven’t read the books or seen the movies and nor has she so we’re not fussed about whether he looks like the actor or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. My Tris is the short haired one and does have her tattoo. It is small so I let her keep it.


  4. I like that they represented her family and she could see them. Both versions of Tris are lovely.She funny enough I think would be cool on a motorbike. It’s a little sad there were so few dolls in that series.


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