Fashion Doll Friday: Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta 2013

Our Friday Guy this week is Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta. I get these films mixed up but I think that this Peeta is earlier than the Mockingjay Peeta we showed you recently. You can certainly see a resemblance between the two Peeta’s but Naomi decided that they looked different enough from each other. As you can see I was able to get a photo of Peeta, now known as Phoenix, before he was deboxed. As you can see, he too is articulated and his face sculpt is referred to as the “New Peeta” sculpt.The final photo was taken after Naomi redressed him and combed out his hair to make it less stiff.



  1. I have the “less buff” version whoever he is. I call him sensitive Pete and I am still looking for something for him that doesn’t resemble long johns. He has big feet so maybe G.I. Joe or Action Man gear. I don’t have Katniss yet and even used she’s like $30 plus. I love how Phoenix is styled.Maybe I need to beef up my man clothes w/ some more moto-gea heavy on faux leather and stylish boots. Fun blog, adore this guys dreamy eyes!

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