Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Royalty “Take The Picture” Vanessa Perrin 2013

We’ve had Friday Guys for a few weeks now so I thought we’d have a change this week. Our Friday Girl today was last featured a couple of years ago but you have seen her in fashion shows where she plays the part of Vivienne’s model friend Alex. Her proper name is Vanessa Perrin and she is from the Funny Face Collection.

These dolls have immensely complicated names and back stories. Vanessa Perrin refers to the head sculpt but she is on a Poppy Parker body with kitten heel feet. The Funny Face Collection refers to a series of dolls released as characters from the film by the same name. The characters represented are Jo Stockton , Maggie Prescott and one of her assistants and Marion who is a top model. The film, for those not familiar with it was released in 1957 and starred Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.

This particular doll has the “Japan” skintone which I think is the palest shade. Other “Vanessa Perrin” dolls have been done with Caucasian/White, Tan and Light Honey skintones.

I found a very useful blog called the Integrity Reference Site which I think will be very handy for learning more about these dolls. Here’s a link.


  1. Gorgeous gal! Love the concept as well as movie.I love integrity dolls but only have one ,I know next to nothing about so know the link will help.I have a Mattel my fair lady doll I got w/o a costume but Integrity gal is so glam Eliza seems the simple flower girl Higgins found on the street. Ms. Integrity looks amazing in her fashions,She could certainly pull off the new menswear /suit resurgence look too! You could call her Fabulous Fashion day Friday!Great blog as usual!!

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  2. I’m not usually a fan of Fashion Royalty dolls as they mostly look snooty or cranky. But, this Vanessa Perrin doll has a softer facial expression. The outfits you chose for Alex show how versatile she can be. She looks great iin all of them. Funny Face is a wonderful movie. Beautiful fashions and excellent actors. Now I’ll have to take a second look at Integrity’s Funny Face Collection even though the dolls aren’t in my budget. Thanks for showcasing this lovely doll.

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    • I agree about the face. I do think they make fantastic dolls but they do always look stuck up. That’s why I fell for Alex. There are some with nicer faces but you have to go through the back collections and the chances of getting the one you like are not great because of the limited numbers released. I was very lucky to get my two.


  3. She’s a beautiful girl. Great to be back! (circumstances beyond my control!) The outfits are brilliant too, she looks like a proper rock star You’ve had some great Fashion Friday guys as well.
    It’s great to have like minded people to share our hobby with, especially in these very difficult times. I have done a few photoshoots recording the events such as the big clap, thanking the NHS and social distancing. Keep up this great site.

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    • As most of us don’t have “doll friends” living close by I do think the internet is invaluable in the way it brings like minded people together to have fun with our hobby.


  4. Love the themed days for some of the doll groups on Facebook, the costumes are so fun! I was finally able to share my American girl in the Masquerade after the loan of hubby’s old phone , after the second death of a second battery .I lost 1500 pics so starting over, so will not procrastinate getting new ones transferred over to computer.

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