Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Professor Severus Snape 2020

Today’s Friday Guy is Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series of dolls. Naomi bought him recently and will be restyling him but today he is appearing in his original clothing. He looks great in black though and I feel sure that he will still be a man in black in his new persona.

Sev was a bit tricky to photograph as his complexion contrasted strongly with his dark clothing and I had several overexposed shots before I got some I was happy with. it’s a good thing that Mattel did not use one of their really pale skin tones or he would have come out like a ghost!


  1. I love Snape still trying to buy a custom celeb head, but the body might be tricky. He is very dramatic! It would be charming if there was a Lilly out there for him. He might pass for the Agent of a Band if he were otherwise dressed, or Maybe he could be a high-end fashion designer, dripping w/ distain.Great new character.Great blog.

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  2. Kind of like the high end character dolls, Think my Chris Reeves might be like that, but harder plastic. But my David Beckham and Tom Hanks are mostly part of the mold. I like that a molded hair means no gel required to avoid bed head. Plus getting to incorporate clones into a setting/display w/o looking funny..

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