A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue: Lingerie Parade

When Jan and her friend Sonia arrived at the venue on Sunday afternoon Jan was surprised to see a larger number of models than usual.

“This is Elsa Lindstrom.” Vivienne said after greeting them. “Elsa designed the fashions we’re photographing today and she has brought along a couple of professional models who she knows.”

Jan started to introduce Sonia but Elsa smiled and said. “Sonia Grant needs no introduction. I hope you’ll like my designs. “

“That’s a very small case. ” observed Sonia. “What have you got in there?”

“It’s lingerie.” explained Elsa “It doesn’t take up much room”

“Sonia was hoping she could model some of the clothes today.” Jan told Vivienne.

“Of course, she’s welcome to.” replied Vivienne, Sonia is a very good customer after all. “But the girls are just going to be doing one outfit each today as we have a lot of models.”

The Showrunners:

Vivienne took the girls, and Midge who had just arrived to set up her equipment, to meet the other models. “You will remember Megan and Lynne from “Frock Up”. I invited them to come along today. Sasha, Stephanie and Avril are from the Top Model agency and of course you know my assistant Natalie.”

The Models:

  • Sonia – Winter in New York Barbie
  • Megan – Bath Boutique Barbie
  • Lynne – Style Barbie 1998
  • Sasha – Barbie The Look City Style- turquoise dress
  • Stephanie – Barbie The Look City Style- gold dress
  • Natalie – Harley Davidson Barbie 2010
  • Avril – Holiday Barbie 2012

The Fashions:

“May I go first darlings?” Sonia asked. ” I want to be able to watch the rest of you afterwards.” The others were happy to agree. Sonia modelled a three piece set in pale blue.

Megan in mauve nightgown -Style 15875 Fashion Ave 1996

Next was Megan wearing a silky nightgown followed by Stephanie in another three piece set in blue.

Lynne had a short nightie and robe in a bold animal print while Sasha showed another pale blue set. “Yes, pale blue is one of my favourite colours.” explained Elsa.

Avril had something completely different a floral print nightgown and an apricot robe to match it.

Last was Natalie with boxer shorts, a teddy and a robe. “I thought that this would be fun for a younger girl or someone who prefers a les revealing outfit.” Elsa told Vivienne .

Afterwards the girls all posed for the traditional end of shoot group photo.

Group Shot

Note: These fashions apart from Natalie’s all belong to Naomi and have been in storage. As I usually do I used http://www.fashionave.info/ to ID these fashions. I could not find a picture of the blue ones that Sasha and Sonia are wearing. They may be from a little earlier. Megan’s outfit should also have a pink bra and panties with black lace trim and I have an idea I have seen this in another bag and didn’t know it belonged with this nightie. If I find it Megan will be called back to model it.



  1. Would have liked to have seen Sonia in the animal print or one with a long gown over the top. More movie star looking. I think the lingerie is nice. Some of them might have been bought from people on eBay or Etsy who make them.


  2. I’m sure these runway shows are a huge amount of work, but the end result is so much fun. And it’s great that you identify all the models. I like the floral nightgown with the sheer robe the best, but all the outfits (and models) are delightful. Thanks for the show!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wowsers..what a show! ALL looked Fun and Fabulous, and the best (for me) part no hassles w/ shoes..Megans gown is my favorite which surprised me as I love Animal prints,especially w/ furs..or feathers. Gorgeous gals, Wonderful show..Great Blog.


  4. Great show and some fabulous lingerie. I did a similar shoot myself like this a while ago. Even Kathryn, my prosthetic leg Barbie looked amazing strutting the catwalk!

    Liked by 1 person

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