Fashion Doll Friday: Aviator AAFES Special Edition Barbie 2001

Today’s Friday Girl needs no introduction. She has been a featured on a Friday before and in numerous fashion show and story posts but never in her original outfit. Yes, it’s Midge! I bought her from eBay USA NRFB and she was probably my first articulated doll and one of the first with short hair. I found her outfit when I was going through some clothing the other day and it is all there except the sunglasses. I am sure I have seen these around however.



  1. So upscale Action girl! Her eyes remind me of Hip to be square Barbie, as I have a duplicate I should try a bob on her..Fun gal I could see her hangin w/ G.I, Joe or the Action man guys too..So great for seasonal dress up as well.

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  2. Wow, I would love this girl myself, we are all Aviation enthusiasts in my family. I have taken dolls to airshows with me to do photographs. I got a great shot of an Action Man and Barbie watching the Red Arrows, sat on the roof of the car.

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