Fashion Doll Friday: BMR 1959 Redhead Ken 2020

Our Friday Guy this week is BMR 1959 Ken. He is pictured in his box so you can see the packaging and his original look.

Naomi has now restyled him as you can see, and he has taken the name of Zeke. She has a spare of him too who will be put into stock to be restyled at a later date.



  1. This has been one of the hardest BMR1959 dolls to find so Naomi was lucky to get two. Zeke looks so much better in his new outfit. He has an attractive facial sculpt and looks cute with that hat.

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  2. I have him too and I absolutely love the way Naomi has restyled him. I redressed him (I hate his outfit) and he looks much better but I love his hair that way. He might be heading for a boil wash!

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    • We hated his outfit too. Naomi actually did not need to boil wash him, she just combed his hair out. Can’t remember if she dampened it, that usually helps remove “product”.


  3. Too true..So in the cool column..went to look this guy up to see his current price on-line..brought me to your blog..So while I wait on this actual doll I got Man bun guy but this guys orig..outfit to go w/ my vintage Masquerade outfit yellow/black theme.This guys on my new wish-list,..even though Santa already said he’s only letting me get Snape for Christmas.

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  4. All I really did was use a wet comb dipped in hot water to comb the hair into the style I wanted. I did brush out some of the product first. After that I put the hat on to keep the hair in place until it dried. I combed it again after that. The hair stayed in the new style. I let him keep the hat because I thought it looked ok on him but later he will get one of a different colour. He will probably get a new outfit too now my Ken wardrobe is more sorted out after being packed up for years. New stuff has been added to it also.The second guy was bought so I would still have one in original condition. He is probably going to be dressed in punk gear one day.

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  5. Good idea, when/if I get this guy fixing the hair will be a given. I plan on narrowing the pant or doing a board short. With the excess fabric I will do a cone hat for my Masquerade outfits, or a purse. I adore the freckles,but don’t love the trainers. I think I have a gold pair but I like Naomi’s best. I also think this guy would make a great cop or fire-fighter.

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  6. Naomi has done a great job of restyling Zeke. I love redheads too but I haven’t got a rooted redhead. I have a son who’s a redhead so maybe I’m biased LOL


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