Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Lovely Lively Sindy 1974

Sindy has been on my mind a bit this week. I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Kid Creations reproduction Sindy and Naomi called me the other day to say that her doll collector friend in Oatlands had told her that she had a Sindy for sale. Naomi hasn’t seen the doll yet so I don’t know what Sindy it is but told her that if it is a Pedigree Sindy I will buy her. So I decided that this week our Friday Girl should be a Sindy.

Our model has featured on a Friday before but not for a few years. I had identified her as a Lovely Lively Sindy. Originally I thought that she was from 1971 but on comparing her to photographs online today I realised that she is actually the 1974 model.

Sindy has a very hard head with rooted eyelashes and rooted saran hair. She is marked 033050X on the back of her neck and “made in Hong Kong on her lower back. This is what made me realise I had made a mistake originally. The 1971 Lovely Lively Sindy is marked on her shoulders. I also realised that the 1974 doll’s legs are attached differently. This doll has rivets in her shoulders and a twist waist. Her arms and legs both have wire inside and she can still hold a pose. Her wrists can turn 360 degrees. Her arms and legs feel like they are strung with elastic.

Sindy is wearing Coffee Party, a waffle knit dress from 1965. It should have a a belt of the same material but these are hard to find. There is also a blue version of this dress which I have.

I only have a few Sindy’s from after 1970 as I chose to focus on collecting the 1963-67 Sindy’s and their outfits initially. Now that I have nearly all of them I may try to collect a few fashions for the 70s dolls as well. They are slimmer than the older dolls and many of the original outfits don’t look so good on them. Coffee Party is an exception I think that the style suits both body types.



  1. She’s very sweet and looks great in that outfit! I too have Sindy on my mind – I haven’t received my two girls yet although I see they are starting to arrive here in the UK. I hope mine come soon!

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      • They arrived this week without any notification. I absolutely love the shopping look doll but I’m not so keen on the dream date doll and now I wish I’d bought the weekender. I think I might try redressing the dream date doll and see if I like her better. It’s too cold here right now to go sleeveless anyway!

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      • That’s the downside of buying online. I do really prefer to see dolls myself before buying but it is rarely possible now. Somehow a photo can’t always convey everything that you want to know. Colours may be a little different or the expression not as nice. I think the Dream Date dress is quite pretty but very summery and it didn’t make me feel it was related to the original Dream Date at all. I got an email from them saying that they would like the phone numbers of the international buyers in case there was a problem with shipping. I imagine that with shipping so slow from overseas my girl might not get here in time for Christmas but that’s OK, as long as she does get here.

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      • I will say that the clothes are of exceptional quality and the hair is also the best quality I’ve seen on a doll. It’s really soft and silky feeling. I hope you enjoy yours when they finally arrive!

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  2. Thanks for the info about identifying marks on the Lovely Lively Sindy dolls. Your Sindy doll is beautiful. I love her hair colour and that Coffee Party dress looks so toasty warm. Sindy dolls always make me think of that description, “the girl next door”.

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    • I think that was Pedigree’s intention. They were offered the opportunity to produce Barbie by Mattel but their market research suggested that British parents felt Barbie was too grown up a doll for children so they went with Ideal who said they could base their doll on Tammy provided that they called her something else. That’s why Sindy and Tammy look like they are related.


  3. I have an auburn Sindy very much like this. I also have the brown coffee party dress but not the blue version. Mine is also missing the belt. My favourite Sindys are the 1970s ones as that was the one I had as a child of the 1970s.

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