Sindy Spa & ID Days Part Two

I have two other “later” Sindy’s to share. I’ve posted about both of them before. One of them is probably the saddest Sindy I own and it probably shows how desperate I was for Sindy’s at the time that I bought her at all. She was part of a lot of two that I bought from eBay.

Sindy has had a serious haircut but that is the least of her worries. She has a bad case of vinyl melt, especially around her shoulders. When I undressed her I found that some loose threads from her shirt were actually sticking to her so I think that the condition has got worse. I had to snip the threads off with a small pair of scissors. It looks as if she has glue around her wrists and hip joints too.

Vinyl melt is a condition that is caused by a chemical reaction between two different types of plastic. Apparently even NRFB dolls have been found with it but this girl has been badly treated as well. One of her feet has a gash in it as well.

There is not a lot I can do for her. Her head is really hard so a reroot is out of the question although she could have a wig. I usually treat her very gently and I gave her “Pony Club” to wear as it covers all of her defects.

This Sindy is marked 03355X on the back of her head and “made in Hong Kong” on her lower back. She has high colour make up. She has a double twist waist which means she is probably an Active Sindy. The earlier Active Sindy’s had rivets in their shoulders. This one does not, although she’s such a mess in that area it’s hard to say. I think she is probably the 1977 Active Sindy as these had strung arms but no rivets. Some were made with the double twist waist and some were not.

Active Sindy in Pony Club outfit from 1963.

Sweet Dreams Sindy is the last one from this group. She was released in 1978-80 and has sleep eyes. Her eyelashes are rooted and there are no painted eyelashes. Her head is marked 033390 with a number 4 underneath it. Her body is marked Hong Kong on the lower back. Her current out fit is “Cocktail Party”. I did have her in “Emergency Ward” for quite some time as I thought she looked like she had just come off the night shift. I gave her a light clean and washed and conditioned her hair. She looks a bit more awake now but the lack of painted eyelashes does give her an odd look.

There are still plenty of Sindy and Sindy Family dolls to go. I might take care of Patch next.



  1. You are a true doll lover to have kept your Sindy doll with the melted vinyl. Sometimes these damaged dolls are the ones we feel need the most care and love. She looks great in that Pony Club outfit! So interesting to see the Sweet Dreams Sindy and her pretty Cocktail Party outfit. Sindy is so young and demure looking, it’s hard to imagine her going to a cocktail party. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your Sindy dolls.

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    • I really can’t bear the thought of throwing a doll away. If she had a neck knob like the others I’d probably consider trying to get another body for her even though her hair is a mess. Still I bought her basically as a mannequin for clothes and she still does that job very well.


  2. She’s lovely. The high color in her face is amazing. I don’t know who mine are yet but one has tan riding pants and a red mock turtle top, but they are a stretchy poly blend. I have a horse but she looks better standing by it than atop it. All my gals need a spa day and need to be redressed. Some other gal is wearing the brown dress, so more swaps ahead. I know in 2021 I’ll be looking for more Pauls as I have two moderns and one molded hair small.(He does look best in Tammy’s car.)I also have a small Sindy clone, unless they made small Sindy’s.

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    • They made Sindy in several sizes. As I mentioned in the post most of the Sindy’s have some kind of mark on the back of their heads. The Petradolls site is my favourite for describing each issue. I like Our Sindy Museum for clothing ID’s. When I do the next batch you’ll see the variation in sizes of some of them.


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