Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel James Bond 2002

Today’s Friday Guy is Mattel’s take on James Bond from their Pop Culture series. I don’t believe that he was made to represent a particular Bond actor although he would have been released at the end of the Pierce Brosnan era. You can decide if there is any resemblance.

Naomi has had this doll for some years and he has gone by the name of Alan. He is due for a revamp and may take another name in the future. Only time will tell.

As you can see from his first photo, Alan has been in the wars lately. When Naomi unpacked him from storage he had this red stain on his face so for the last couple of months he has been receiving treatment for the problem. I had to be very cautious about applying acne cream to this stain. Normally I cover the cream with cling film but I was afraid of spreading it and removing his “character lines”. The treatment takes longer without the plastic. In the end I hit on the idea of putting his head inside an unsealed zip lock bag so that the plastic was not touching his face but still reflecting sunlight from the window. Another idea would have been to have actually removed his head and sealed it in the bag. He’s been living on my desk for some time now. You can probably see that there is still a faint mark so I will give him one more treatment and if he still has a mark after that we’ll probably just say he got in a fight.



  1. Great job on the stain! I had to giggle when I read your suggestion about putting a doll head in a plastic bag. I’m imagining what a non-doll collector would think if they saw a plastic bag with a head on the windowsill. Alan looks terrific. Like women, men can never go wrong wearing black. I do wish that Mattel would use a more neutral lip colour on these specialty male dolls.

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    • I have got to the point where dolls could be anywhere in the house. My dining table is occupied by Sindy’s drying their hair , dolls getting dye stain treatment may be there, on my desk or the window sill in the stairwell depending on where the sun is. I don’t really get visitors but if I did I don’t feel I need to explain myself anymore.


  2. He looks absolutely fabulous dressed that way! You may recall that James/Alan is also a character in the West Enders. I love the way he looks here. My husband was walking by as I was reading this and remarked on how handsome he looked and I said I may have to buy my guy an outfit like this. His response was, “No, you don’t!” LOL!!!

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    • Yes, I remember seeing your James in West Enders. I always liked that character. I think Alan is getting an outfit change next week but he has been wearing that one for quite some time. I promised Naomi I would check to make sure there were no dye stains from it on his body.

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  3. It’s a good thing he isn’t scared of heights being a James Bond guy. Thinking of renaming him as I already have an Allan. He is getting a change of clothes soon along with many others as I have bought a swag of new stuff for the guys to wear.

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  4. He’s awesome, and that “wound” on his head suits him, being a secret agent and all! I really like this head mould, Mattel did a great job. I knew this guy from Wendy’s story too. πŸ™‚

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  5. Still on my top twenty wish-list..I was going to ask if Kissing Barbie got to him. I’d love to add this guy to my Sean Connery 007 and Dr. No and Honey west dolls.No real Bond ladies yet, Haley Berry Cat woman might get a ginx , glam make -over.I adore this outfit, as usual Naomi nailed the perfect look! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.Loved the Man bun fashionista, and ginger hottie fashionista too. Great blog!!

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