Sindy ID & Spa Days: Part Five

I’m back with another three Sindy’s to show you. Once again we have a blonde, auburn and dark haired doll.

Spot the differences

Sindy with dark hair is a mini Sindy. She is marked “Made in Hong Kong” on her lower back and has the same small, hard head and long thick hair. You can see that although her torso is the same size as the others she has little, short arms. Her arms and legs are made of a hard material and it feels like her legs are hollow. She was probably made around 1966.

I dipped her hair in very hot water and wrapped it in cling wrap after washing and conditioning it in an effort to get it to sit properly. I find that dolls with this type of hair it nearly always seems to go to one side more than the other. In fact while I was reading up for this post I found one article that said that actually was an issue with the 1965 Hong Kong Sindy’s. I was actually very pleased with the result. It is really shiny and smooth now.

Her outfit is “Skating Girl” from 1963. This outfit was reissued in 1968 slightly modified but mine has the “Made in England” tag on the skirt.

This next doll is also marked “Made in Hong Kong” on her lower back and has the same long thick hair. Her arms and legs are of a softer vinyl but don’t bend. Her legs feel hollow. She has half a pinky finger missing on one hand and chews on the fingers of the other hand. She was actually my first blonde Sindy.

The funny thing about this girl is that she has practically no neck. I’ve looked at a lot of photos trying to find another like her but no luck so far. I wondered if it had been broken and repaired but her head turns. Maybe she has a manufacturing fault. Maybe she is a really good clone masquerading as Sindy. Any ideas? It does make her look a bit odd.

Her outfit is “Lunch Date”. At the moment the scarf, bag and (I hope) 1 shoe from this outfit are packed elsewhere. Lunch Date is sometimes called dated and middle aged for Sindy but as a child it was high on my wish list and one of the first outfits I collected for Sindy as an adult.

This last doll is different from the others. She has a larger, soft, squishy head which is marked “Made in England” on the back. Her torso has discoloured quite a bit. You can see from the picture at the beginning of this post that her legs are longer than the other two dolls. Her arms and legs are made of the softer vinyl but don’t bend. I think she is possibly my tallest Sindy. Unfortunately she has lost half the middle finger on one hand. Her hair is the coarser type and is very short. This means that she is one of the older Sindy’s from 1963 or 64. Her outfit is the “Happy Traveller” coat worn over “Summery Days” an orange shift dress that came in several variations. This is the original version from 1965 and that’s how long I have had it.

In the final part of this series I’ll show you four more Sindy’s including my childhood Sindy from 1965.



  1. What a fascinating group of Sindy dolls! They are just like people; each one is a little different. The blonde’s short neck makes her look timid. Lunch date suits her perfectly and masks that short neck. But, my favourite outfit is Skating Girl with those beautiful red tights. Probably because I would have loved that outfit for myself when I was a child.

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    • It’s been fun getting them all out again while I wait for Kid Kreations Sindy. I just got an email to say she is leaving China and should arrive in 10-15 days. Naomi just got me a very nice copper haired Sindy from her friend in Oatlands so I will be showing her late next week or early the week after.

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  2. The last ones body reminds me of the clone I got w/ a Tina Cassini body that says “made in British Hong Kong”..but shorter legs than Tammy and shorter arms.Really loose right leg,and face very Tammy but hair very Pepper but auburn. Also her face has bleached white. Came in a crème dress w/ black belt I think I’ll give to Tammy’s mom. I adore the variety of these going to a family reunion and seeing cousins.

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    • Some of those clone manufacturers were really cheeky in how closely they copied Sindy, Tammy or Barbie. I’ve never seen one marked “Made in British Hong Kong” that’s interesting.


  3. I love all your Sindys but of course the ‘made in England’ would be a favourite. They’ve become so collectible here that ( despite the fact that I live near where they were made) I’ve never had the opportunity to buy one for anywhere near a reasonable price. So I stick with my Tressys who don’t have so many clothes but at least I can justify buying the real stuff occasionally. The grey coat and summery dress is a great outfit!

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    • Sindy’s do seem to have gone up in price. I have three MIE’s I think. I find Patch even more pricey. Luckily I have three, one in each hair colour. Getting their outfits costs nearly as much, especially if I have to buy from the UK. There is a community of Sindy collectors here though so sometimes you can find something good in Australia.


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