Fashion Doll Friday: Coca Cola Barbie Collector Edition 1999

Our Friday Girl this week is Coca Cola Barbie Collector Edition 1999. At least that is who I believe she is. I see that the 1997 doll looks rather similar but I haven’t seen a comparison photo of the two of them close up. I bought her nude many years ago. I still have her red hairband somewhere. I would have loved to have had the original outfit and especially the soda fountain but that was never sold here. Naomi’s Bratz bar makes a good substitute though.

Juliet has an articulated body, the same type that Midge has with different joints to the Fashionistas and later articulated dolls. Here she is wearing a recent Fashionista outfit which fits her fairly well despite being more full figured and a suit I bought from an eBay seller which I think is rather nice although it is very snug and doesn’t fit everyone. She has participated in a couple of fashion shoots in the past as you can see from these older photos of her.



  1. She is lovely.I have the Coca cola Santa but he was nude so had to dress him in a wine bottle jacket and stuff his belly.Rosie o’Donnel has been his full figured helper but I have been looking for your gal, as a better choice.I LOV E her hair, and her classic period good looks. I agree she looks cheerful. I think I have pajamas if I can’t win one boxed, or a body if I can only find a head.Love this gal will check her out in her other cameos.


  2. She reminds me of the Barbie with Frank Sinatra doll.I am currently looking for more fancy dresses for her in red for Valentines day.My I Love Lucy doll is wearing her dress. Santa is getting a Platnum Blonde Kid Kore Kelsey holiday doll w/ 2 kids and a dog for Easter which is my first Christmas.


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