Fashion Doll Friday: Justin Bieber Street Style 2012

Today’s Friday Guy is Justin Bieber. Naomi bought him recently and he is still wearing his original outfit. He is one of a series of Justin Bieber dolls who were sold in different outfits made by Bieber Time Merchandise. He is a singing doll but we haven’t tried him out. The seller actually gave Naomi a battery for him but we don’t like his music so we haven’t bothered.



  1. LOL about not putting the battery in Justin. I’ve never listened to his music so have no opinion about that, but he looks like a good addition to your doll family. Nice that he has articulation at the elbows. Do his knees bend?


  2. yes, his knees bend,but they are the kind of articulation that is really stiff. I have both the singing And non- singing and the two rooted versions.Believe it or not the singing “Baby Baby Baby” version is most sought after, so I swapped out batteries from my Rapunzel Ken to see if I got one of them and I did! I also got to repair a non singing ones head that someone tried removing for a body swap,( now he wears turtle neck sweaters / became my knitting/crochet model for home-mades.) I love he has painted on underwear, and has his date on his feet so doesn’t have to be tagged or clothes matched up. Plus these are everywhere, every 10th lot I’ve ever won/lost has one listed as Ken.Thank goodness you have a dressed one (RARE, unless boxed).Awesome Blog!
    Btw, Tell Naomi I finally got a Paul Stanley head..paired w/ my Buck Rogers mego outfit of my on-line sellers had her set for $1000.

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  3. He’s a fun in cross collections,dresses up nice, plus I have a grand son who used to look like him. Perfect “boy friend or even Ex boyfriend doll. Also good doll for re-paints (Think classic Beatles or Bee Gees) and color change reveal wigs/ Rocker look..

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