Sindy ID & Spa Days: Part Seven

Today I’d like to share the Sindy I bought from Naomi’s friend in Oatlands. Naomi brought her last week and she is even nicer than I thought she would be. Here she is in the hand knitted outfit she arrived in. She even came with her stand.

Isn’t she pretty?

Sindy in a hand knitted outfit.

Sindy is marked “Made in Hong Kong” on her lower back, she has a twist waist, hard non bending arms and legs that click at the knee. Her head is one of the really hard ones with high colour face paint. Her head is marked with the 330050X on the back of her neck. She doesn’t have jointed wrists so I think that she is probably a basic or Funtime Sindy. My guess is that she is made 1974-76. Here she is with my Lovely Lively Sindy. I think she is rather similar except of course that Lovely Lively has different arms and a double jointed waist.

After I had taken the first photos I changed her clothes. I will keep the knitted outfit for another doll because it is really nicely made, she even has panties. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make it but I like my Sindy’s in genuine Sindy clothing.

I did something I haven’t done before. I bought some new clothes for her. Up to now I’ve always dressed the Sindy’s in the 1960s outfits because that’s basically why I bought them, to wear those clothes but now I think I’m going to get a few 1970s clothes because some of them are really nice. I really prefer that the dolls wear clothing appropriate to their decade but I was set on collecting the sixties clothing. I have nearly all the ones I wanted now though.

I don’t know a great deal about the outfits released after about 1967 so I will have to ID them as we go. I think that this one is from Sindy Pop Star from 1982. I’m not sure if I put it on her the right way round. It should have a wide black belt, black tights and yellow shoes.

I haven’t identified this yellow top yet. Perfect for a ginger though. Sindy’s face looks a bit odd because I was trying to edit out some distracting hairs on her face. Didn’t do a perfect job.

I think that this red jacket is from an outfit called “Shiny Shopper” from 1971. I am not sure about the pants though.

So that’s it for vintage Sindy’s for now. We’ll get to Paul after New Year if possible.



  1. Not sure if I am posting to the actual post on 70’s Sindy but I love this and all the stories (stories are some of the best bits). Like that you try and keep the clothing to the decade of the doll. We have similar back ground, came to Adelaide in May ’66. I was aged 4, my baby sister 6months. We grew up, loved our dolls and constantly played with them and a vintage 1930’s doll house that my granddad made for my mum before he went to war. I still have all of them, and in the last 5 or so years I have really enjoyed them all over again so have started to collect dolls, doll houses and clothes etc. Keep up the good work … and a Merry Season to you. Regards, Sharon

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    • Thank you Sharon, we certainly do have some shared history. How lucky that you still have your dolls and your dolls house. It’s very special to have a hand made treasure like that. Merry Christmas to you too.


  2. Your new Sindy is absolutely beautiful, and what a pretty handknit dress. You have so many wonderful Sindy outfits. It’s a pleasure to see your Sindy dolls and their clothes.

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