What Was Under The Tree?

Well here we are with Christmas done and dusted for another year. I was very lucky as I received some lovely doll related presents.

Of course I’m going to show them to you all in detail in the coming weeks but here is a quick run down. Naomi is always good at finding me things she knows I’ll like and this year was no exception. We like to keep our presents to each other a surprise but she warned me some months ago not to buy any vintage doll stuff for myself until after Christmas.

My presents turned out to be a Sindy paper doll book and a vintage Skipper carry case with a doll and lots of clothes inside. I don’t have a lot of Skipper fashions so I was really pleased to get these as you can imagine. Naomi tells me that there is another Skipper on the way as she missed the Christmas post. The one in the box was another one she’d bought. My friend Gillian sent me an NRFB Harley Davidson Barbie too. I haven’t decided yet whether I will debox her.

Here is a sneak peak.

Harley Davidson Barbie

Who else got some new dolls or props under the tree this year?



  1. Such beautiful presents! The paper doll is so cute! Lucky you. 🙂 I received my doll Christmas present a while ago, a Caleb Sasha Morgenthaler doll. He needed some work and restringing, so I got him in advance. Merry Christmas!

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  2. It really makes Christmas special when you get doll gifts. I think you have all the bases covered: vintage, modern and paper doll. I foresee lots of dolly fun with these gifts.
    I didn’t get any dolls as gifts, but a friend gave me two doll books and some hand-knitted doll clothes.


      • Period & Contemporary Patterns for Fashion Dolls by Hazel McMahon and Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers/Tips From the Experts by Jim Faraone. LOL – I think my friend expects me to get motivated and start working on some projects in 2021.

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      • I bought one of Jim Farone’s books back in the 90s and that was my first introduction to the idea of making over dolls. I’d never create the kind of things he does but it did make me less afraid to restyle hair. I must find that book. I don’t think it is with my other doll books.


  3. Won a Vanilla Ice doll that I will absolutely de-box..a 2pack Wicked step-mother,Fairy Godmother costumes for Disney dolls,which I love as I have a orional Fairy Godmother whose dress has holes in it. AND I identified a nude Ginger rescue as your Harley Davidson gal! So I will add you to Shelly/ as far as helping me identify so I can properly dress a doll.Thanks..Happy New year! Thanks again for your awesome blog!!

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