Some New Guys Restyled

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Naomi is gradually bringing more of her doll and toy collection up to Sisters Beach prior to putting her house on the market. You might say she is in the same position that I was in two years ago. She is not finding it easy to find time to write doll and bear posts herself although she hopes to get back to it eventually. In the meantime I will be photographing and writing posts on her doll related projects from the information she passes on to me. While we are together over Christmas and the New Year we’ll try and gather some material for future posts.

Over the past few months Naomi has been buying male fashion dolls from eBay sellers based in China. As you know her fashion doll collection is largely male dolls and she usually restyles their hair and clothing to get the look she wants.

The dolls she has been buying recently are very nicely made with articulated bodies and rooted hair. They have what look like acrylic eyes, usually brown and come in a variety of hair colours. They are sold without blush, eyelashes, eyebrows or lip colour and the buyers add these details themselves. I believe that Naomi bought these dolls for about $40 Australian plus shipping.

Naomi has a much steadier hand than I do and a good supply of art materials at home so she set out to customise the dolls. She has tried to use materials that can be cleaned off so it is easier to repair mistakes or to change them in the future as she becomes more skilled and wants to try different looks. For these dolls she’s used gel pens, pencils and pastels for the blusher. Ethan, the one with black hair has been done in the style of an eighties new wave musician, think back to the days of Duran Duran, The Cure etc. Louie the auburn haired boy, and Joey the blonde, have a simpler style of make up.

After their faces were done Naomi dipped into her stock of clothing for their outfits. As you know we are not big fans of modern Ken outfits, well actually we’ve never found many nice outfits for Ken even back when we started collecting, so buying custom made clothing has become the way to go. Some of it is a bit pricey but what’s the point of buying clothing you don’t like just because it is cheap? Recently Naomi has been buying clothes made by eBay and Etsy sellers in Asia and eastern Europe. Some are designed for fashion dolls and some for action figures but they are a good fit on the taller dolls. A lot of sellers are still unable to post packages to Australia due to Covid-19, there are fewer flights as Australia is only allowing a small number of overseas arrivals. I’m not really sure how it is affecting mail but at least two sellers that I buy from have told me that they can’t post to Australia. However. there are a few who will still post to us and although postage times are much longer than they used to be the clothing is worth the wait.

These are all the hair colours these dolls are available in. If you are interested in buying any there are several sellers who have them. I’ll see if Naomi can include a link in comments.

Joey in custom clothing.

Update: This is the seller that Naomi bought her guys from but she says that there are several on eBay selling the same type of dolls.



  1. These are wonderful dolls and Naomi has done an awesome job painting the faces! They have lots of personality with their new face-ups. And, of course, the outfits are great. Thanks for sharing all the photos. I’d love to know where to get one of these dolls, although my painting skills are minimal.


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