Kid Kreations Sindy – City Chic

Finally I can show you my new Sindy. I’ve been trying to finish this post since before Christmas but needed the original cape for the comparison photos. I didn’t find it till yesterday.

Like many collectors I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Kid Kreations Sindy. The Australia/ NZ Sindy Facebook page has been full of happy people showing off their new dolls and unhappy people saying “Mine isn’t here yet.” I was one of the latter. My doll took longer to get from Sydney to Sisters Beach than to get from China to Australia! I was tracking it of course and there were 8 “lost” days when there was no tracking information. It was “in transit” from Sydney to Launceston on 12 December then for 8 long days no new information. When I popped around to the shop today for the mail she was there. I looked up the tracking information when I got home and she was in Burnie on the 20th and delivered to here this morning. Launceston and Burnie are maybe two hours drive apart.

At Last!

Needless to say I could not wait to get the box open but I did stop to take pictures as I went.

The Packaging

I did like the packaging, a nice sturdy cardboard box with a lift off lid, three small boxes to hold the accessories. There was not the usual excessive amount of plastic and cable ties before I could get to Sindy.

The Accessories

Sindy came with a stand, a little style magazine showing pictures of vintage and new dolls, credit sized card with her batch number and a plastic heart . Outfit accessories are a vinyl shopping bag, a black wet look vinyl handbag and enormous sunglasses.

The Doll

Now, let’s have a look at Sindy. She is very nicely made, she has rooted eyelashes, this particular doll has brown eyes and red lips. Her head turns but does not have the ball joint of the later Pedigree Sindy’s so she doesn’t really have an up and down head movement. She has no marking on her head that I can see.

Kid Kreations City Chic Sindy 2020

She has joints at elbows, wrists and knees and a twist waist. She has flesh coloured molded panties with the word Sindy at the front of the waist band. No markings on her back. She has silver “pearl” earrings and a silver bracelet.

The City Chic outfit is based on the 1963 Houndstooth check cape but this one is shorter and has a mandarin type collar. Underneath it Sindy has a simple white top with flared sleeves that does up at the back with Velcro and black leggings. She wears black ankle boots to match.


I thought that it would be interesting to see how she looks with some of my other Sindys as I felt that she was smaller than they are. I had a look at her specs and she is shorter, 10 3/4 inches or 27cms, more like a mini Sindy. Certainly she doesn’t feel as heavy a the original Sindy’s but she doesn’t feel cheaply made like many modern dolls.

Here she is with a couple of my older Sindy’s. I set them all up without stands to make the comparison a bit more accurate. On the left my recently acquired Sindy from the mid 70s and on the right, my hard head HK Sindy. Of course she has big hair which makes her look taller.

Three Sindy’s compared

Here you can see one of my mini Sindy’s wearing the original houndstooth check cape. It is much longer. Neither of the dolls are on stands so you can see that while they are the same size new Sindy has the larger head of the full sized dolls.

Here they are again with my much larger 1963 Sindy.

Here is City Chic Sindy in the vintage dress I bought recently. I think I got it the right way round this time. She is wearing her own leggings and boots.


I’m very happy with this doll. She wasn’t cheap for me to buy although compared to say, an Integrity Doll, she was very well priced at just under UK 80 pounds. It is just that our exchange rate is terrible and then of course there is postage. Some of the people in the Facebook Group had bought more than one or even the whole set. I would not have done that anyway as I would not have wanted the dolls with pink or blue hair. I think that Kid Kreations did a good job of recreating the classic Sindy look. If I could afford to buy another I think “Shopping Look” would be my second choice. If the team were to make any more Sindy dolls or fashions I would certainly be interested.

For those of you who don’t know these dolls can only be ordered online through this website. They are limited edition, only 1,963 of each doll will be made. You can’t buy them in the shops. Possibly they will turn up on the secondary market but if you like them and can afford the shipping I would get one now. I don’t believe they will get cheaper.



  1. She was on her way for quite a while, I’m glad for you that she arrived. She looks lovely, the short hair is very sassy! The cape is a very cute interpretation of the old one. The comparison is interesting, all Sindys are so different. 🙂 I just read that there won’t be more dolls made, I had hoped that new series would become available at toy stores, and maybe some fashions as well.

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    • I don’t think that they ever intended to roll the dolls out in stores as they were only making 1,963 of each doll. I had heard that they had negative feedback from some people and didn’t intend to make more dolls. I made a point of emailing the creators to let them know how much I liked mine and that I hope there will be more. I would suggest other buyers who are happy should do the same. I believe there are still some dolls available for sale if you are interested.


  2. She is Beautiful. I dk that I will ever get one ,but if I could just find a brunette as I only have blondes.I love the capes, (both) and leggings w/ boots. I might like ti see a houndstooth bag w/pink linings. I hope they might sell fashion packs..and more shoes.accessories. Major doll envy, so lovely..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saw a you-tube for this gal and two others.Pretty reasonable price considering the vinage one I’m bidding on is already $40..I LOVE the clothes..the Trench one is almost equal to yours w/ the Auburn hair and black mini and boots. Can’t get over how much longer the cape for your vintage is.The pink is lovely too.I saw a Mark doll too. Is he part of the Sindy family, like Pauls friend?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Mark is one of the Sindy family. Naomi has one. The original cape is much longer but remember that the original dolls were much taller. I should show the cape on a tall Sindy in future so you can see. The mini Sindy is about the same size as City Chic. The trench coat doll is my second favourite and if I could have afforded two dolls I’d have got her.


  4. I would also love seeing the long cape on the new gal as there is more neck exposure so would make her look taller. I can see her with a scarf, or seated on a motorcycle or vespa. She could wear a tartan mini, or some nice jewel tones..she’s amazing.Think I’m going to loose the Mark he’s getting expensive and so are two other bids on celeb dolls. I did have success w/ my Disney costumes for Cinderella Fairy Godmother/Step mother. I put them on the wigless color reveal dolls and the hard plastic makes them easy to dress.Btw, do you still have my e-mail? Might try sending Ted again but realized I can’t to the old address.Hope you and Naomi are keeping warm.


  5., I am re doing records as my phone died and hubbys lap top fried so my back-ups were gone, pretty much means redoing ALL doll pics,but now I am doing log sheets on dolls so I will at liest know what pics would be lost. Re binning baby dolls and holiday dolls after x-mas is sad.How often do you change out your displays?


  6. At present we don’t have any permanent displays. We create them for a photo shoot and put them away after. Most of the fashion dolls are kept handy in their boxes and we set them up on a trestle table downstairs that we bought for doll play.


  7. Oh, she is very cute! Love that short hairstyle. As Linda commented, it looks sassy. My dolly budget is going elsewhere – there are never enough dolly dollars to get everything we want. But it’s great to read your positive review. It must be disappointing for the creators to put so much time and effort into these Sindy dolls and then get complaints. This doll makes a wonderful addition to your Sindy collection.

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    • I think so too. I’ve been wary of new versions of Sindy in the past. I saw pictures of the Tonner Sindy’s. Way too expensive for me anyway but I felt that there was something not quite right about them. I felt these dolls were a natural progression from the last Pedigree Sindy’s.


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