1,000 Splendid Dolls

I know that quite a few of you like myself are fans of the 1,000 Splendid Dolls YouTube Channel so I’m sure that you are all as disappointed as I am to hear that the girls have decided to take a break.

I must admit that I haven’t visited for a while because I like to enjoy Shelly’s videos without other distractions going on so unlike most of my TV watching I don’t watch while chatting online, writing posts, or doing any other tasks. I save them up until I have a couple of hours to spare and then binge watch them.

When I watched the video and heard what Colleen had to say I was very sad to hear that the reason that they were quitting was because of negative comments from a small number of their viewers. People are so thoughtless sometimes, making personal comments or criticising their lifestyle choices. We are very lucky that our WordPress community is much nicer. I think it must be a lot harder to put yourself out there on YouTube for people to see you and hear you than to do a blog like this. I couldn’t do it. I don’t even like to share my photograph very often.

You will be glad to know that the channel and the Flickr stream will still be available for us to refer to. I understand that Shelly has turned off her doll email for now and comments are now turned off on the YouTube channel. I don’t blame her. I sent a message via Flickr but am not sure if she will see it. I hope she will see this post and know that people are thinking of her.

So Shelly and Colleen, if you see this, thank you so much for sharing your dolls and your lives with us. I hope that you will keep on enjoying your dolls and I hope that one day you will feel like coming back.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. I have enjoyed those young ladies for a long time. So creative! When I saw the video’s name, my reaction immediately was OH, NO! ( concerned that they might be sick)When I listened to it, I just cried. They are the age of my own kids. So many cruel bullies out there, I wish there was a legal recourse for YT harassment and cyber bullying that was strong enough to stop this behavior. Shelly and Colleen, I respect you and DO miss you! Thanks for your content and keeping it available, and very glad Flickr is still available.

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  2. I didn’t know about 1,000 Splendid Dolls on YouTube so I’m glad you made this post. I just wish there was a different reason that prompted the post. I watched the Goodbye for Now video and it brought tears to my eyes. The Internet can be a wonderful thing, but some people think the anonymity gives them the right to say horrible, hurtful things that (one hopes!) they would never say to anyone in person. It’s especially bad during the stressful time of this pandemic.
    I will be checking out Shelly & Colleen’s previous videos and their Flickr. They seem like fun, creative people and I hope they will come back to YouTube in the future.

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    • Their tutorials on cleaning and repairing dolls are excellent and Shelly is super organised plus you can see that they have a lot of fun with their dolls and their pets.


  3. I am very sad as they are very close to my own kids ages and their love of collecting is amazing.I will pray that they can know how much most of us truly support them. What wonderful days I have had seeing their creative videos. I will continue to refer people to the flickr site as they have such wonderful documentation.I hope things look brighter for these gals in future, no matter what they decide. God Bless.

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