Another Restyled Doll

Today we’d like to share another one of the dolls that Naomi bought to restyle. This one is a bit different because he came with his features already painted and has long, rooted eyelashes and long, long hair. He also wears a beautiful outfit which will be saved for another doll.

Naomi suggested that I photograph him before he was deboxed so that you could see the packaging. Here he is in the box and just out of it. Can any reader translate the wording on the box for us? I’d love to be able to give the manufacturer’s name.

Now, are you ready for a big transformation?

Naomi wanted to completely alter the look of this doll. She had initially thought that she might have to trim his eyelashes but she decided that they were fine as they were. She did however cut his hair to a more manageable length. She has put the cut off hair aside in case we think of a use for it as it is lovely and silky.

Now, here is Lesley.

Naomi bought this outfit especially for him and I think it really suits him. The clothes are really well made too. I am not sure if Lesley came from the same seller as the other three guys did but he ought not be too hard to find and could be restyled in a number of ways.

Here is a link to the seller who Naomi bought Joey, Louie and Ethan from but there are many other sellers on eBay with similar dolls.

Hope you like him.



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