Fashion Doll Friday: Reissued Straight Leg Skipper 1970-71

Our Friday Girl today is one of the two Skipper dolls that Naomi got me for Christmas. One of them did not arrive in time but Naomi will bring her back from Oatlands for me tomorrow.

This Skipper is a reissue of the original straight leg version. She has the pink vinyl colouring rather than the tan shade of the earlier version. Naomi’s Skipper book says that these dolls often have green spots on their faces and that their arms fade to a lighter shade which is what has happened with this doll.

Despite that her face paint is pretty good. The lips on this doll often fade to pale pink or yellow from the original coral but I don’t think this one has faded much. Her fringe has been given a bit of a trim but I’ve managed to comb enough hair forward that it doesn’t look too bad. I can’t decide if there is some paint missing from under her eyes or not.

Skipper is wearing an untagged dress. I could not find it in Naomi’s Skipper book so I am unsure whether it is an untagged Best Buy, generic dress or a good home made dress. The seams were not done on an overlocker (serger) which makes me wonder if it is a home made dress.

I am not sure why Mattel decided on this rerelease as they had been making bend leg and TNT Skipper’s for a few years already and in fact released the high colour Living Skipper the same year. Perhaps there was a delay in production of those dolls and they wanted something to release to fill a gap or perhaps she was sold as a budget version of Skipper.

When the other Skipper arrives we’ll have a little Skipper fashion show to show all the clothing Naomi got me for them.



  1. She has a very pretty face and those bright eyes give her lots of personality. She’s a treasure! It’s too bad about her fringe, but perhaps that will be a future reroot project? Says someone who has never done a reroot in her life! Whether the dress is manufactured or handmade, it’s cute and suits the 1970s.

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  2. I did see one outfit using what appears to be that fabric or very close in a tiered design 1978 #2227, however didn’t see any other. I had wondered if your dress might belong to Francie given the length and all Skippers wear seems to be either mini or long. I checked my fashions & exclusives but nothing as yet.Will keep looking.cute dress.

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  3. The dress looks like one of the versions on Skipper Fashion Collectibles . 1978-1979. Mattel used a couple of different patterned material to make it. Yours would have come with a blue jacket.

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