Fashion Doll Friday: Straight Leg Skipper 1963

Today’s Friday Girl is my other new Skipper. This was the one that Naomi originally bought me but as she was taking rather a long time to arrive she decided to get me the blonde one as well. Brunette Skipper turned up just after Christmas.

This Skipper is like my childhood Skipper. She has tan skin tone, hard straight legs and non bending arms. She wears her original outfit minus shoes and the gold metal hairband. Skipper has lost her eyebrows and some of her lip colour but is otherwise in very nice condition.



  1. The 1963 Skipper was the last fashion doll I had as a child. I was 12 and I loved her gorgeous hair but considered myself to be getting too old to play with dolls anymore. I turned 13 at the end of the year. I have the reproduction doll and I just love her. This doll will always be Skipper to me and I don’t own any of the modern version. She’s just not right somehow.

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    • I was nine when I got my Skipper and so had a few more doll playing years ahead of me. I do have some of the modern ones but this is the real Skipper to me the way that the Swirl ponytail is the real Barbie because it was the first one I ever saw.

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  2. I have a cut hair version of this doll but her hair is more dark chocolate brown. Coco is wearing a green jacket and check shorts( for Christmas) .I will change her back to the outfit yours is wearing, or a Mary-Kate /Ashley fashion as I don’t have a lot of Skipper stuff yet. She has half her eyebrows but most of her lips.No shoes so will have to make slippers. Do you have any patterns for Skipper? Great Blog!

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    • She is to me too, Naomi, being a bit younger prefers bend leg Skipper. Mattel has certainly put Skipper through a lot of changes over the years growing her up and then back down again.


  3. Thanks, created a shortcut for Chelly Wood. Now I can get back to bagging/tagging. 2021 will be getting logging sheets on the computer. Had a Computer meltdown after my phone died so all new contacts and photos as of this year.I was hopeful of re-shots by May when I turn 60.Skipper will be an interesting collection to log as I have both vintage and modern.

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