Fashion Doll Friday: One Direction Niall Horan 2013

Our Friday Guy today is Niall Horan, one of a set of One Direction dolls that Naomi bought. Several sets of dolls representing this popular British boy band have been released. The first set was made by Vivid Imaginations and released in 2011-12. The second set, also by Vivid Imaginations, was released in 2012 as well.

This doll was part of the third issue which was released in 2013 in the USA only and he is a singing model. The back of his neck is marked “1D Media Ltd”. He has a battery box in his back and a speaker on his front. A small switch turns him on to sing one of the bands hits. We’re not fans of 1D so we’ve never listened.

Kruze as he is now known has articulated arms and legs. We like his rather quizzical expression and his molded hair is quite nice. He is a well made doll, rather heavy and solid and a little shorter than current Ken dolls. Naomi has redressed Kruze to be a bit more of a bad boy. He has kept his microphone.

There is also a fourth set of One Direction dolls also released in 2013 I think.

As Naomi has the full set of dolls we may show you the rest of them in a separate post.



  1. Awesome, love Musical Artist/celeb dolls! Think my guy is a band mate from the fourth wave..same mark yours has plus Harbro SA China on right foot and several numbers on his left foot. Naomi has styled Kruze fabulously as usual.Dk my guys name yet..has black hair and two earrings on his left ear,one on his right.Too small for Kens jeans so clone and board shorts for now. (and of course a name.)

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