Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Rebelde Giovanni Mendez Lopez 2008

Our Friday Guy this week is from the TV series “Rebelde” 2004-2006. My understanding is that this was a teen soap opera type series made for a Mexican audience but based on an earlier series made for either Argentina or Brazil. I’ve seen both mentioned. I’m sure our readers can clarify the situation for us. I don’t believe this series was ever shown on Australian TV although it may have been available on cable or streaming channels. I don’t know.

Mattel made three sets of two dolls depicting characters in the series, we got the three boys loose on eBay several years ago.

Giovanni, who doesn’t look particularly Latino to me, has now been renamed Quinn and restyled by Naomi. He has the older style straight arm Ken body.



  1. He’s almost all Tango face-mold characters..Quinn looks like Legolas/LOTR sans the elf ears(04) and Ken Basics #16/2010..Love to add more of these..faces..Quinn is a great name! Another awesome styling!

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      • When I see one of these gorgeous gentlemen Naomi offers up to drool over I look on Kattis dolls for similar options ..I am finding certain faces I like a lot, I think James Bond is a Tango face too.I REALLY want him and a few others.Plus the Superman you have as I have the Ben Aflek Batman..I like the Chris Reeve I have but mego bodies are really almost fragile.The only body I had to give my Paul Stanley head it taped together.I have a smaller mego body for my custim James Bond/sean connery but replacement arm, which works w/ old Ken Jeans w/ pockets to stuff the hands in.So he’s Sean and the one w/ Ted Turners (ideal) body is James.These cute vintage boys are making me feel like I am running a body parts store.(As well as buying loads of ken shoes!

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  2. He’s quite a handsome hunk! I have the Barbie version of Mia Colucci from Rebelde Way and she’s also blond. Many Mexicans are of European descent and so blond hair really isn’t all that rare.

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