Coming Soon, Skipper Fashions

I just have to take a couple more pictures for the story progression part of the post and then Part One will be ready to go. I’ve taken all the photos for Part Two as well, they just need editing and then I have to write the actual post. However, I hope to get that done tomorrow. Look forward to Part One hopefully tomorrow , Tuesday in Australia and Part Two maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

In the meantime here is a teaser.



  1. I’m looking forward to the two parter, especially the older Skippers. I love the outfits. That green coat outfit on the older Skipper is my favourite. All very interesting!

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  2. I wish I had more 1960-1980 skippers and friends. I only have 4. Since I use a wheelchair it’s hard to get into thrift shops, due to tiny aisles, to hunt for dolls, and Covid restrictions certainly hasn’t helped, with many places not open.( not in Michigan, least). So far there are no drive- thru for thrift shops!😊 Looking forward to all the clothes! Especially, winter apparel. Love the coats! Reminds me of when I was a kid and what I wore in the winter,especially subzero temperatures and lots of snow in the 1960’s (Michigan used to be called the Winter Wonderland back then). Your sister has a great eye for doll bargains!

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    • Those cluttered bargain shops are hard to navigate in a wheelchair. The one I volunteered at we’d try to keep the aisles uncluttered with things on the floor but one big pram and nobody could get past. Naomi does have a great eye for a bargain, she’s been collecting all sorts of things for a long time.


  3. I just got a Salvation Army lot on E-bay, they have consistently been cheaper for me, and being in San Diego county is set as same status w/ L.A. county we wert in purple status, for travel so no op shops.I have got a fair bit of duplicates that way. Ly last lot I got what I thought was a modern Skipper w/ flat feet and it turned out to be Barbie but probably slim enough for Francie and some Skipper stuff. So glad you are doing Skippers, I have had Town Togs jacket/coat on almost all of my Skippers/Skooters.I like Skipper because she fits in ALL the cars, as do her boyfriends. Plus the Kitchens and playsets that I swear look slightly undersized for Barbie and Ken.

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