A Skipper Fashion Shoot Part One

Here is part one of our Skipper post. Going through all the clothes , trying to ID them and deciding who would get to wear what was a big job but now we’re ready to share. I’ve tried to put the girls into the outfits closest to their era. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

The Showrunner:

First of all let’s meet our fashion coordinator and chaperone Francie. Naomi had this rather nice red vinyl coat and Francie wanted to be the first of the Mod Girls to try it on so she volunteered for the outing.

When she arrived with Titian Skipper and Skooter the studio was full of excited little girls and some who were not so little.

“Oh!” said Francie, “I wasn’t expecting you older girls. There probably won’t be anything that will fit you. This is a fashion shoot for younger girls.”

“That’s OK.” replied Teen Skipper. “Courtney and I are happy to watch. Maybe we can help out.”

The two Millennial Skippers and their nameless friend chimed in to say that they too would be happy to help out if they could stay and watch.

“That would be really helpful.” Francie replied. “I wasn’t expecting such a lot of junior models.” Go and see Bunty and she will give you a job. She and Melissa are doing the girls hair and makeup.”

Bunty and Melissa will be in charge backstage.

“My boyfriend Kevin is helping the photographer. Isn’t there anything there I could wear?” asked another tall Skipper wistfully.

Francie looked at her crestfallen face and relented. “We will have a look but I don’t think there is anything here from the 1990s.”

The Crew:

  • Kevin – Photographers Assistant
  • Bunty & Melissa – Hair and Makeup
  • Skipper & Courtney – Dressers

The Models:

  • Titian Straight Leg Skipper 1963-66
  • Brunette Straight Leg Skipper 1963-66
  • Bend Leg Skipper 1966-68
  • Blonde Straight Leg Skipper 1970
  • Living Skipper 1970
  • Sun Set Malibu Skipper 1971-74
  • Great Shape Skipper 1983
  • Sun Sensation Skipper 1991

The Fashions

“Now,” said Francie “We will begin with the 1970’s outfits. You, you and you.” she said pointing to the 1970’s Skippers. “You can be in this part too.” she told Great Shape Skipper. “There are quite a few outfits.” The girls rushed off excitedly to change followed by Teen Skipper and Courtney.

There was a lot of giggling and rushing about before Straight Leg Skipper managed to be the first one to be ready. Her print dress is from the Fashion Collectibles series of 1979. Originally it came with a blue jacket. You can see a picture of the outfit here. Thanks to the readers who helped me ID this one.

Skipper Fashion Collectibles 1979

Great Shape Skipper hurried out wearing a yellow print maxi dress. It is a Best Buy from 1978. Then it was Malibu Skipper’s turn. She also wore a Best Buy maxi dress but this time from 1975. Straight leg Skipper then arrived in another Best Buy dress from 1973.

Naomi’s Skipper book says that while these post mod era dresses were often referred to as Best Buys they were also known “Get-Ups ‘N Go” , “Fashion Originals” and “Growing Up Fashions”. They were generally poorer quality than the outfits from the vintage and Mod era’s. Often they were left unhemmed and unlined and they were not tagged. However, there were some nice little outfits amongst them.

Living Skipper appeared next in “White, Bright ‘n Sparkling” from 1972. This was actually a maxi length coat but a previous owner seems to have given it a makeover. The outfit came with a matching bag and flat white shoes. Many of the Best Buys did not come with shoes and actually I have been swapping the same three or four pairs of shoes between all the girls. *Note to self, buy more Skipper shoes. There is at least one Mod Era Barbie or Francie fashion that matches this coat. I am pretty sure I saw one on Casey when I was looking for the Skippers. It is probably #1289 “Note The Coat”.

Malibu Skipper was back moments later wearing “Nifty Knickers” part of a set from 1972. The rest of the outfit is a yellow top with a shirred waist, a red sleeveless bib shaped vest and red knee high boots. Living Skipper was most upset as she thought that she would be wearing these so Francie let her be photographed in them afterwards to avoid tears. The red bodysuit is still a mystery item to us.

While this was happening Malibu Skipper, who was definitely the most quick thinking of the models, rushed back to grab the next outfit. It is a long red coat and knitted hat. This outfit was part of a set that also included a sleeveless dress, scarf and knee high red boots. #3478 “Long ‘n’ Short Of It”. There were two variations, one with stripes on the dress and scarf and the other with a print. Naomi has had this coat on a Skipper for some time but it was only while going through the book that I realised that the hat belonged with it. You can see a picture of it here

playsuit from Pose ‘n’ Play Skipper 1973

The playsuit being modelled by Great Shape Skipper is the original outfit for #1117 “Pose’n”Play Skipper” a doll released as a “Baggie” in 1973.

Tennis Time 1971-72

Straight Leg Skipper came next in #3466 “Tennis Time” from 1971-72. This outfit came with socks and either white flats or sneakers a tennis racquet and a ball. Don’t adjust your monitor, Skipper is a little green around the face, apparently that is a characteristic of this particular doll as she ages.

Still somewhat upset Living Skipper reappeared in #1736 “Super Slacks” from 1971-72. These slacks originally had red braces but a previous owner cut them off. The outfit came with a white frilly blouse and a cap that matched the pants. Real 1970s stuff this one. Skipper is wearing it with her own jumper knitted by me.

Francie then called up Sun Sensation Skipper. “There are a few outfits left that we can’t identify a specific date for. Would you like to try them on for me?”

Naturally, the answer was “Yes please!” The yellow jacket looks a bit like the one from “Real Sporty” but it isn’t. That one doesn’t have patch pockets. The pink stretch pants were also not featured in the book as far as I could see. The pretty little party dress may be a home made but I can’t say for sure. The same for the playsuit. That has a velcro patch on one shoulder to fasten it which I haven’t seen in Mattel/Arco outfits before. The PJ’s are nicely made but again I can’t say if they are commercially made or home mades.

This brings us to the end of Part One. In Part Two we’ll look at some 1960s Skipper fashions with our 1960s Skippers.

Francie asked the photographer to do the group shot at the beginning to avoid the girls being tired and cranky or anyone missing out because she had to leave early.

Francie and the Skippers


As I previously mentioned we used Naomi’s Skipper book to ID the outfits. I recommend it for collectors of vintage and mod era Skipper as well as Tutti and Todd. It doesn’t cover the 80’s and 90s dolls though.

Skipper Barbie’s Little Sister Identification and Value Guide by Scott Arend / Karla Holzerland / Trina Kent

I also spent a lot of time searching online for anything about Skipper and came across this website which I haven’t had time to check out fully yet. I was very impressed with what I did look at and I definitely recommend taking a look at it. It’s run by a German collector and she has done great job with it.


Another good site for ID’s of outfits is this one. http://www.barbiedollplace.eu/amici/abitiskipper.htm

Stay tuned for Part Two in a day or so.



  1. Awesomesause!! Time to make a dedicated Skipper bin! I think I may have more than I thought..Love the link btw! Had the Barbie Fashions volumes 1-3 that do have some Skipper stuff, plus getting a clone clothing book soon, but your links will get me to where I want to go with Skipper-wear.It’s probably going to be heavy on home-mades and clone for a while.Love all these sweet little faces!I think ost of mine will turn out to be “beach” themed dolls.It is fun to think though Ricky and Scooter may get the random pair of shorts or jeans or plain tee..SO FUN!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always enjoy these fashion show posts. You make it sound like these Skipper and Skooter dolls are real little people with lots of personality. Francie’s red vinyl coat is wonderful. I can only imagine how much time you spent identifying all the Skipper outfits. They’re all great, but I especially like the yellow maxi dress with the blue & pink rickrack. The Skipper ID book would be an excellent resource – if only someone would reprint it so it would be affordable! But, the Internet sites look very informative. Thanks for all!


    • It is a pity that so many good doll books are out of print and now outrageously expensive. Don’t get me started on the cost of the Sindy book. However the website that I found is really, really good.


  3. What a nice little fashionshow, really enjoyed that. The pajama’s are called super snoozers, from the early seventies I think. I have the same mystery red bodysuit btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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