A Skipper Fashion Shoot Part Two

As promised here is the second part of our Skipper Fashion Shoot. I had it mostly ready to go yesterday but “Skating Fun” was not with the other outfits and I had to go look for it. I have two skirts for that outfit as there was one in the Christmas box but the one piece top and tights were elsewhere. I did have to mend the outfit before I could photograph it as well as sewing a couple of snaps back on a couple of other outfits and repairing some split seams. Finally I have all the vintage Skipper outfits together and they will be kept in the Skipper case.

Now we get into the really vintage stuff. These were the Skipper outfits that I wanted for my Skipper as a child. As you can see I never grew up.

The Showrunner:

Francie is in charge with the help of her teenage crew.

Francie in Skipper top.

The Crew:

The Models:

The Fashions:

As promised, this time we have some classic 1960s fashions. Titian Skipper wears “Town Togs” while Skooter wears the party dress “Silk’n’Fancy” and “Dress Coat”. Of course these were made to match Barbie’s “Silken Flame” and “Red Flare”. I don’t have all the accessories but this and it’s grown up counterpart have always been favourites. Skipper wore the red outfit until I got “Town Togs” which suits her titian hair much better.

Brunette Skipper had already changed into tights and leotard. Ballet Class/Ballet Lessons was released in 1964-65 and included a tutu, pink of course, white vinyl ballet slippers, a satin bag to keep them in, a floral headband and a certificate. Can you imagine little girls today being given so many tiny pieces? I think that the age of little girls playing with fashion dolls was generally a bit older then though. I got my first one aged about six and was still happily playing with them at fourteen.

#1905 Ballet Lessons 1964-65

Bend Leg Skipper was next wearing “Sunny Pastels”.1965-66. This outfit came with white socks, pink shoes and a matching bag.

#1910 Sunny Pastels 1965-66

Then it was titian Skipper’s turn again. She is wearing the blouse and skirt from “Schooldays” which is another big sister/little sister fashion. Barbie’s outfit is “Knitting Pretty”. As well as the pink cardigan this outfit should have either pink or white socks, black shoes and a wooden bowl with balls of wool.

#1907 Schooldays 1964-66

Skooter came back wearing the red skirt from “Day At The Fair” . We don’t have the print bodysuit or headscarf so Skooter has borrowed a top to wear with it. Part of the belt buckle is broken but luckily the skirt still does up as there is also a snap. This outfit also came with a tiny Barbie doll to go in the pocket.

#1911 Day at the Fair skirt

Brunette Skipper looks very pretty in “Flower Girl” from 196–66. This outfit also came with a lot of accessories . A floral headband, white socks, shoes, gloves and of course, the bouquet. I think this dress really suits her colouring but it would also look very nice on bend leg Skipper who was wearing a clone dress earlier which is nearly the same colour.

#1904 Flower Girl

Bend Leg Skipper is wearing #1908 “Skating Fun” from 1964-66. This outfit should also have a white fur hat with a red pom pom, a white fur muff and white ice skates.

As the end of the show approached the titian and brunette Skippers both changed into nightwear while Skooter showed off “Under Pretties”. This set of panties and slip came with a brush and comb originally. The pajama and dressing gown set , #1909 “Dreamtime”, originally had pink slippers and a toy cat for Skipper which I have but I don’t have the blue Princess phone or the red paper phone directory.

#1901 Under Pretties

Meanwhile Bend Leg Skipper was ready for bed in these cosy flannel PJ’s. This is a Pak outfit “Woolly PJ’s” from 1966.

Woolly PJ’s 1966

Mystery Items

In her photo at the beginning of this post Francie is wearing a red top which does not quite fit her, being tight at the back. This is probably a Best Buy Skipper top.

This yellow jacket has sleeves that seem a bit long for Skipper so we will have to check Barbie or Francie fashions to try to ID it. The corduroy crop pants also seem a bit large in the waist for Skipper.

This outfit which I took off Malibu Skipper is tagged Barbie not Skipper so I am now wondering if it is a Barbie outfit. It seemed a good fit on her though. I am sure I’ve seen a picture of it somewhere though. I know I am going to kick myself when I find it.

And now for a final group shot.

The Skipper Models, and Skooter of course.

Comments from the audience:

The Millennial Skippers “Cool fashions. We had a great time!”
Ricky: “I’m bored. When can we go home?”
Polly Pocket Whitney: ” I had fun seeing the dresses. Can I come again?”
Gymnast Stacie: “I liked the ballet outfit



  1. The unknown yellow top is a Tina Cassini top, can’t think of the name of the outfit at the moment, goes over a yellow dress. The shorts are Tammy, go with a striped tee shirt and the Barbie tagged fashion is an 80’s Skipper fashion, back when she had a huge head.


  2. The head on your reissue Skipper doesn’t look right. Her eyes are definitely Malibu eyes. Head swap perhaps? Or another obscure issue doll that had the same eye design?


    • I noticed the eyes were different. I mostly believed she was the reissue Skipper because I had read that this particular doll had a tendency for the vinyl turn a little green. I could believe that she might be some Heinz57 doll as what we got in Australia was often different from the USA.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow – Stories and modelling has been great fun.
    Could do with an updated photo of the whole collection (if already displayed as yet). Do you have exhibit at all? You could put together a Book!
    Keep it up! Cheers, Sharon Roberts

    Liked by 1 person

    • At present the dolls are not on display. We have two collections to put together and have to figure out how to make it work and still actually be able to get into the room. When our toy rooms are done you can bet we’ll be posting pictures. Yes, I said rooms. We have so many dolls, teddies and toys between us that one room is not going to be enough.


  4. I bought that blue dress with the white lace tights for my Skipper dolls. It is a Skipper outfit. Got it in the 90s early 2000s at The Port. It is a Skipper outfit. I would like to see if it fits Rachel.


      • The blue dress was in the Skipper clothes album of “A Thousand splendid dolls”, It is 1994 High School fun fashion Tea set for two #12618.
        Love all the dolls. I am looking for a Skipper case to separate my gals as I’m trying to sort out my dolls as I literally am running out of space.Got some 2020 career/campain staff set dolls to go with my Barbie for President dolls.putting Disney dolls in “couples” for Valentines,and more bagging /tagging/binning..to try to manage it into one space..lol ,if I can..
        Great pics..great fun..Enjoy!


  5. What fabulous outfits! Town Togs is to die for, but they are all wonderful fashions. The 1960s were definitely the golden era of Mattel fashions. And yes, you’re right, the little girls who played with these dolls and outfits were old enough to appreciate all the tiny accessories. Ricky’s comment made me LOL! Typical guy. Thanks for the time and effort you put into making this two-part fashion show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ricky was stored with the Skippers and so I had him sitting around while I was changing the girls outfits. I could imagine how bored one little boy would be. Kevin would probably not have had time to talk to him.


  6. After all these years, I think I enjoy the Skippers more than Barbie. So keep the showing all these goodies! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

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