Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Flavas Happy D 2003

Our Friday Girl this week is Flavas Happy D. She belongs to Naomi and is better known to you as Bunty.

The Flavas dolls have an interesting history. I was watching a video about them the other day. Mattel created them around the same time as the My Scene dolls in an effort to win back some of the market lost to Bratz. The dolls were meant to recreate the hip hop style. Unfortunately, they were not successful and were discontinued after three years. There were four girls and two boys and I think three waves of dolls. The dolls seem nicely made, have twist waists and articulated arms and interestingly were made different heights as well as different ethnicities. Happy D is really short next to Teen Skipper.

I especially wanted to show off this doll’s unusual hair. Intertwined with her blonde hair she has four multicoloured braids. Her hair is very fine and flyaway so I just smoothed it down for her photos. I think that she is the second wave Happy D.

I know that Naomi has at least one of the Flavas boys somewhere so when he pops up from wherever he is stored we’ll feature him too.

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  1. I like the Flavas dolls and seem to have collected quite a few, but only one Kiyoni and only one boy. And I’m missing some of the outfits too though I have two fully dressed P-Bos. I do like the different sizes, faces, and clothes. They’re a lot more varied as a group than other dolls of this type. I look forward to seeing the boy doll sometime, and any more information about them. I wonder why they were unpopular?

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    • The video that I watched, the one linked at the end of the post, suggested a few reasons. Some didn’t think they were authentic hip hop enough, some parents thought that they were too hip hop (bad influence). Perhaps it was just bad timing on Mattel’s part as they had to compete not only with Bratz but Mattel’s other doll lines. It is a shame they cancelled them because they are very nice dolls and they were taking the first steps towards the diversity that Mattel wants in their modern dolls.


  2. How funny; I just watched that Flavas video last night. I wasn’t aware of how many different versions Mattel had produced. I do have a couple of the guys that I got on discount. I think the guys are very nice when redressed. I’ve paired Liam with Disney Ariel and they make a cute couple. I’ve never seen the Happy D doll with those braids. Bunty looks very cute in her new outfits.

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    • That is a coincidence. I watched it a couple of nights ago and as I’d had Bunty out to be photographed I thought it would be a great idea to feature her and add what information I had about the dolls at the same time.


  3. Bunty looks like the Christina Agulera braid style, mine is the tiny braid version. I only have one boy,Dark fuzzy hair Liam..he’sin camouflage as so far Iit’s the only pants that don’t look too dorky on his longer legs.The gal was one of my daughters favorites,the 10″ sze meant she could achieve the baggy look w/ other Mattel clothes and as my daughter was shorter blue eyed and blonde likely identified with her somewhat.I believe a few of the Mary-Kate Ashley items worked too for a celeb “cross over appeal.These dolls were actually easier to dress than the Bratz..but didn’t overload you w/ choices.Awesome pics..loved the you-tube! More fun stuff!

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