Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista Ryan 2013

Today’s Friday Guy is a Fashionista. Ryan from the 2013 wave. He has the Basics body so he is tall and slim. Now known as Krome, Naomi has redressed him in her favourite “bad boy” style.



  1. Krome looks great in his original outfit, but even better in his “bad boy” outfit. It’s too bad Mattel presents most (all?) of the current Fashionista guys in shorts. And the separate fashion packs seem to all have shorts instead of pants/jeans.

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  2. I buy a lot of clothing for action figures from China / Hong Kong or Ukraine and other European countries because most Ken clothing is childish looking and it’s always a tux or shorts or some dumb outfit I can’t use although I would like the chef’s outfit. Postage almost kills me sometimes but you can still get low postage or even fee postage from Asia. That helps with the high cost of the action figure clothing. All said and done my boys usually look pretty cool so it’s worth it to me in the end. Krome is one of the last nice Kens they made. His body type is nice and makes him look more natural and he has a nice but rather sad expression. The blonde one I call Oberon (not yet featured) looks more cheery.


  3. I think he’s very handsome,I’m looking for the blond or one like it for a Labrinth doll I’m making. I think Krome has a young Elvis/Hollywood look.I love these lean Kens in sweaters and costumes as they are so easy to dress. Plus the molded hair ones wear wigs so well.The skinny jeans have a fun edge. It’s so awesome how Naomi styles these wonderful boys..

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  4. I just dress them the way I used to like seeing guys dress when I was a young lass way back in the 70s and 80s. I loved tight jeans and leather jackets, V necked sweaters, long coats, scarves and a mean pair of kick arse boots. Of course I dress them in other ways too. Got some more clothes coming in a few weeks time and will try to have these ready to show later.

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  5. Sounds like a plan. I’m liking these Ryan head-mold dolls..gonna crack open my Prince/Princess dolls Bin see if I have any in there. Shot over to Kattis Dolls site to see what pic’s she has..guess theres an Asian Fashionista w/ this face-mold.I need to check out more clothes for my guys. Whiie I found a great seller for sweaters for the gals not finding them for the guys.


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