Happy Valentine’s Day

I thought that I would start planning early and took a few new couples photos for Valentine’s Day. Much easier to set up now that the guys and girls live under the same roof. I took quite a lot of photos of these four couples and also had a bit of fun doing some photo editing which I might show you another day.

Maverick and Simone make a cute couple. She likes riding on his motorcycle with him.

Gigi has recently started dating Zane. She thinks he’s very handsome and especially likes his curly hair.

Kruze and Annette also recently started dating.

Davros and Serena also make a striking couple.



  1. Sweet! I LOVE this! Your Simone is my Renesme (daughter of Edward and Bella), so I have her w/ my Jacob (who is wigged) and Maverick my Pita who I have with Katniss. Gigi is w/ what I have been calling “manbun guy” fashionista,,plus I have some fun Disney-esque couples such as Emma Watson/Belle and her Prince..etc..Any excuse to get these dolls out of their bins.Tarzan has batteries again as I recently rescued/dressed a Jane.I love celeb & character dolls! (and costumes)The (usually) happy faces..PLUS dramatic stylings (c/o Naomi) SO FUN!!

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