Maverick & Simone’s Road Trip

My photo editing program has a feature that lets you place your photo (or in this case your dolls photos) in front of a backdrop. I love doing this although my editing is not great yet. I have used the preset backgrounds for Maverick and Simone’s motorcycle trip but later I might try to do it with some places in Australia. I hope that I have put the bike on the correct side of the road but in any case as there doesn’t seem to be any traffic they should be fine. As they are posing for photos they have removed their helmets.



  1. The only problem is there are no shadows seen behind them in the sunny pictures. These would add even more realism and anchor them to the ground. A lamp might do this but we would need to test it out first. You would have to decide where the sun comes from. I really like the pictures but the night one is my favourite.

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  2. These are great photos. Sorry I haven’t been around for a long time. I have a new job with long hours so don’t get much time to look at the blog. I’ve got a few days off so I am catching up. I loved the Skipper fashion shoot. I also received a Skipper doll for Christmas from my sister. She is Great Shapes Skipper, complete with her original outfit and gym bag. As I already have a Skipper, I’ve renamed her Jessica. They are good friends. Keep up the wonderful blog and keep safe Love Angie xx

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