Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista Ryan 2013

Apologies everyone for the late posting. My uploads have been really slow all day and I could not get my photos posted.

Our Friday Guy this week is Ryan who looks as if he might be a close relation of last week’s Friday Guy. I think he is also from 2013 but due to my horrible internet connection today I was unable to check properly.

Ryan, now renamed Xeon has his original pants and shoes on. I thought that he had his original shirt on too but the pictures I found show a T-Shirt with short sleeves not this sleeveless one. Naomi thinks it might be a variation. His denim jacket was added by Naomi.



  1. He’s very cute! I have an articulated Ryan doll with real hair but I don’t think it’s the same version. I love the way Naomi has dressed him – mine is a former Buddhist monk turned meditation teacher. A slightly different style!

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  2. Super cute! I will have to see if I have this one, maybe not as I have been leaning to career dolls, and some clothes I bought three jumpers, two w/ leggings abd one w/o for my full size gal plus Vanna White doll..looking for some of her brand of yarn to make some baby weight ,Kelly scale blankets.One of my winter sleds was full of kiddo’s plus Kid Kore dolls. Thinking Xeon would look amazing in a sweater /jumper too.

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  3. I hadn’t done too much too him except put a jacket on him and rename him Xeon. Vanda might like to take another photo as he has had a little more done since this photo which was right after I got him.


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