Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista Ken 2012-13

Our Friday Guy today is another of Naomi’s Fashionista Ken dolls. I forgot to ask her before she went home what his original outfit was. Quite a lot of the blonde male dolls from this period look rather similar to me but I think this is one of the nicer ones with his bright blue eyes.

Ken, who now goes by Oberon, has been redressed in a casual style by Naomi.



  1. Oberon does have a very nice face mould, and his intense blue eyes are striking. As always, I love the re-dress – that NY Fashion District top is super!

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  2. Oberon or Ron as a likely nick-name is a cutie, worthy of the Dream house dolls. He will likely be a great favorite for date mate events..He looks a likeable fellow and fun. If he cooks the perfect sort to win a Valentines heart.

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