Fashion Doll Friday: Fashionista Wheelchair Ken 2020

Our Friday Guy today is “Wheelchair Ken”, a fairly recently released Fashionista. It does seem weird that he is fully articulated but then if he wasn’t he would not be able to sit in his wheelchair. Ken has been redressed and renamed Xerox. Naomi also darkened his lips as we both thought that with his tan the light coloured lips looked a bit odd. I think he will be getting a second coat later.



  1. What a coincidence! I just got my Wheelchair Ken yesterday and promptly pulled his head off and switched it with the Fashionista Ken with the long hair and tie-dye tank top. My Wheelie Ken was affixed to the packaging with two of those nasty plastic tabs in the back of his head. I got one out okay, but the other broke off. Either way you’re left with two tiny pinholes in the back of his molded hair. What is wrong with Mattel?!
    I had a hard time getting the long-haired Fashionista head off. I checked Youtube and someone who switched these heads had the normal moveable neck knob with the hooks in her long-haired Fashionista. Mine did not. He had what I can only call a hard plastic stick-type extension from the neck so there was no flexibility when I removed the head. I had to use a screwdriver to pry it off. I should have taken a picture, but I’m not about to take the head off again. Maybe my tie-dye Ken had a production flaw. Sorry for the rant. On the plus side, the “skin” tones are an excellent match (as JenJoy’s blog indicated).
    I love the way you’ve redressed Xerox. Those long pants look ever so much nicer on a MTM Ken than his original shorts. The red & white shirt is cute and brightens Xerox.. I agree about the pale coloured lips. That’s a great idea to darken them to a more realistic shade.

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  2. I like the wheelchair dolls..if I get one I will definitely swap heads. I would soak it in hot water as those rod-stem neck knobs are a bugger to get off. I’d most likely repaint his hair to make him a ginger.I sometimes take the lip paint off or dull it. But as anything it will come down to price point. Many of my fashionistas I get nude after two years for great savings.Thankfully the grail doll/figure I just got of Spike from Buffy series is fully dressed. I love this casual look.Xerox will make a sweet beau for some lucky gal..Fun blog.

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  3. I have purchased two of the wheelchair Kens already and I’m tempted to buy two more. I think I’ll wait for now, but his skin tone is such a good match for so many of the guys! It’s great!

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