Happy Birthday Barbie

A little belated as it is already 10 March in Australia but congratulations to Barbie on her 62nd birthday.



  1. I really love that dress she is wearing, the style and the print on it! I wish I could find a copy of it. It really is a shame that Barbie handmade clothing either sewn or knit/crocheted isn’t promoted like it used to be. Now all the crafting for doll clothes is concentrated mainly on 18″ AG dolls (nothing against them!) just there is plenty of room to promote 11-12″ dolls ( or other types) as well. I even wrote the editor of a needlework magazine ( about 2 yrs ago) asking for Barbie type doll patterns, and she said there isn’t enough interest by readers to put in. Any way, Happy Birthday Barbie! I am glad I hung onto my old crochet/knit doll patterns that I do have ,hopefully make her something new soon! (sorry about the rant!).

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  2. Oh happy day..It’s only the 9th here so Barbie can celebrate till Ken’s birthday on the 11th and celebrate w/ friends on a week-end..Love the dress ,seen it on facebook doll groups..possibly pinterest.I have seen knit & crochet and possibly crochetknit on pinterist because the new ones pop up on my stuff telling me I might like them..I always LOVE Barbie’s birthday because it’s the month after my sisters and she was born in 59. Just saw a wonderful sweater pattern that doesn’t make you count stitches its by size of pattern pieces which works for me and I’m looking forward to trying it w/ a baby weight yarn and attempt it both knitting and crochet.(See which I can manage best.) It was modeled by a Ken clone. I am buying sweaters a lot more for Barbies/clones lately as they are great to put on/take off most dolls.I bought a Teal one for Barbie for her Birthday in January and it’s coming late.So Happy belated,don’t we all like getting stuff belated?

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  3. This doll is the reproduction No.1 Barbie that came with my Barbie House a few years ago. The dress might turn up on eBay from time to time. I have quite a lot of knitting patterns for Barbie and have seen some nice crochet ones although unfortunately I can’t crochet. I think the crochet clothing generally has a nicer fit than knit, especially for dresses. When I knit fashion doll clothing now I prefer to use two and three ply cotton thread as it is not as bulky and comes in a variety of colours. Most of the Stickatill patterns are knitted or crocheted in this weight.


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