Fashion Doll Friday: Play Along Toys Aaron Carter 2001-2002

Today’s Friday Guy is Aaron Carter who some of you may remember as the younger brother of Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys. Aaron had a few hits of his own as a pre-teen and I think was aged about 14 when this doll was produced. Play Along Toys were a division of Jakks Pacific so as you would expect this is a well made doll.

There were two versions of this doll produced, this is the second version. He has a different hairstyle to the original doll. I believe both were produced with a couple of different outfits. Naomi got him from eBay. I don’t know if he was sold here in Australia. He is articulated at his waist, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles and sports painted on underpants. He originally held a microphone in one hand but he will have to share with Kruse.

Aaron was originally renamed Brad but now goes by Kerby. The articles linked also show the earlier doll and comparisons with some other articulated male dolls and action figures.

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  1. This was one of my earlier “musical artist dolls” ,, even before I got the first Hillary Duff Doll,(someone I think he dated in real life). He’s a cute doll. I like the fringed jacket and blue shoes you have him styled in, his black shoes and two-tone zip up w/ red stitching and trim are less what I think he would have picked himself that what you have him in. I like the overall look of the doll but most of the dolls I put him in displays with have way bigger heads.Except Michael Jackson w/ the molded hair. Suprisingly also shrunken head Barbies look good with him. Wish he was musical/singing.Great blog..Happy birthday Ken..(here)..

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    • I like that jacket too. Can’t remember whether it was from a Ken outfit or something Naomi bought from eBay or Etsy. Boy bands do make good models for dolls. We’ve had New Kids On The Block, One Direction and recently BTS.


  2. The jacket is from a Ken outfit. I can’t remember what pants and shoes came with it. I have two of these jackets and I like them because they look very new wave.


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