Ken’s 60th Anniversary

It’s a little late but let’s wish a happy 60th birthday to Ken, Barbie’s often ignored sometime boyfriend. He has disappeared from Barbie’s life on more than one occasion although I’m sure that was not his choice. Like Barbie he has also had many careers but his ongoing role seems to be to escort Barbie to functions wearing a tux. When he’s not doing that he can be found at the beach or wearing ultra casual, and usually mismatched clothing.

Ken has had many looks over the years here are a few of them.



  1. What a fabulous collection! My first Ken was flocked and I have quite a few with rooted hair. They look so much better but I do have a few of the plastic haired guys. I love the AA 40th anniversary doll – I don’t think I’ve seen him before. I like Harley Ken too – I have one of the Harley guys but not that one. Very handsome. And particularly love Naomi’s restyle of Modern Circle Ken!

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  2. Love these ginger Ken recently but someone had put him on a shorter body so I swapped for the man bun articulated body. I love all the costumes and careers he has had and the posh clothes as well as the casual wear. My absolute favorite is 40th Ann. Ken, who I swapped out outfit to AA Steven to go w/ my AA 40ann. AA gal. Caucasian 40 ann. Ken is wearing a white tux jacket to go w/ my bride dolls.It’s so cool having newer Kens w/ the classic vintage ones. As I turn 60 this year it’s fun to be almost the same age.There is even one of the Ken’s that reminds me of my brother named Ken. Great blog!

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