Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Flavas Tre 2003

Today’s Friday Guy is another of Naomi’s Flava’s dolls. This one is Tre. As I mentioned in my previous Flavas post there were several editions of each doll and each was different in appearance to the previous one. I found pictures of two blonde Tre’s online. I am not quite sure which one this is but I think that he is from the second wave. As you can see he is articulated. I think that his body is similar to the Ken dolls being produced at the time. Naomi does have another Tre and Liam so they will appear in future posts.



  1. I think the Flavas guys were underrated. They have good articulation and are fun to redress. I’ve never seen this blond Tre before so thanks for sharing.

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  2. These Flavas dudes are awesome. They blend for all the 12″.Big heads,.and clones ..etc..great cross over for different dolls, celebs etc.Tre is still on my wish list as I have the other boys. I am hoping to make a sweater for him and add a hood to it..Dk where I can find a suit but maybe reduce a bigger Tonner size one.Great blog. .

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