Sorting & Storage 2021

I am so glad that I had photographed all my Fashion Fever Closets for this blog. I’ve been having a sort out, changing the girls out of outfits that they had been wearing for way too long. Unfortunately, my memory does not run to remembering where every piece of clothing belongs. I used to have all those photos in folders on my computer but as the old computer became full I transferred them to a HDD-which I have not seen since I moved here! I have no idea what happened to it. I do still have the SD cards but as the photos were taken over the period of a couple of years I haven’t yet got up the enthusiasm to put them all onto the new computer. Lucky for me, at least they are here, so a sorting session usually involves taking my laptop to the doll boxes to help me identify pieces.

Another party dress closet

The same goes for Fashion Avenue fashions. I often leave shoes and bags in storage when I redress dolls because they tend to get lost and of course the Basics body girls can never wear the shoes but look great in Fashion Avenue. So now I have a collection of lunch bags with a pair of shoes or a bag or some other accessory and nothing else. So it’s all fun and games trying to match them up with the outfits. Well at least I’m exercising my brain cells. :-).

A couple of pages from my home made Barbie Fashion guide book.

It is nice when I can complete a closet, returning all the pieces to the correct bag but of course as soon as that is done I’m going to start redressing the girls again so in a few months you can bet I’ll be doing this job again. Since I took this photo I have had to move the clothing into larger drawers as they were overflowing. I had to find space for Fashionista outfits, Anko fashions and items bought from eBay and Etsy sellers. I used to try to keep them separate but I think that I am going to throw the small number of Fashionista, Anko and custom fashions in with the Fashion Fevers and just sort them by colours, at least for now. Fashion Avenue I will keep separate but I think they really need two drawers now.

The drawers I keep my Fashion Fever outfits in.
Fashion Avenue Mint on card
How I used to store fashion doll shoes.

Naomi has been doing some major sorting out too. As she’s gradually brought all her fashion dolls and their outfits and props here she’s been trying to get the guys clothes in some kind of order. Most of her dolls had been stored in boxed for ages and both dolls and clothes were dusty so we’ve had a couple of big laundry sessions. She bought drawers similar to mine and has been gradually arranging them, not into sets like I do but drawers of pants, jackets, tops etc. plus a drawer for dress ups, all the Prince outfits that 90s Ken’s generally came dressed in if they were not in a tuxedo or bathers. Smaller items like shoes go into smaller sets of drawers and baskets are for storing dolls and props. It’s a work in progress.

This is our temporary storage area, a couple of old bookcases of mine for the small drawers and boxes and some large plastic drawers.
Drawers for shoes, hats, props and other small items.
My fashion doll clothing drawers. Labelling them comes next.

My task is also being made a bit more difficult by Tigerwoods, Naomi’s tabby cat who loves attention and thinks that a good way to get it is to jump onto the sorting table or lie on the plastic bags so you can’t get to them or failing that, to jump onto the laptop when I’m trying to scroll down the pictures. Thanks Tigerwoods.

Tigerwoods is Naomi’s tabby cat.

Anyway, I’ll post an update when all is tidy again and the girls have been redressed.



  1. Tigerwoods just comes out of nowhere and jumps up on you or the table. He scares the living hell out of me sometimes when I am engrossed in what I am doing. He bats at the dolls feet and their props. He loves the guys shoes and boots for some reason. He’s great fun and a really nice cat even though he can cause complete chaos in the doll room.

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  2. Oh and how about Toby the shoe thief? You should mention him too. He is probably responsible for a few shoeless dolls going back over the years I’ve had him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tigerwoods is a beautiful cat, but he does look a bit miffed in that photo. Either he’s just been parted from all the interesting doll things or else he’s intent on figuring out the best way to get your attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it was the latter. The chair he is sitting on is one of those at the doll table and he only seems to want to sit on them when we are getting ready to do doll stuff. He is a cat with a sense of humour.


  4. Our rescue cat Jack mostly likes moving things..and heaven forbid there is a doll on a bed or chair or anywhere he wants to be..he does a Godzilla crush on displays in his way to a window or other favored spot. Just getting started on bagging fashions & .swapping out for bigger containers.Too many smaller containers the lids are loose so considering the clear 12 x12 scrapbook page closable bins. Brilliant you have the collections documented in photos.I get to do that again as my last phones pics were lost.I think Tigerwoos is an awesome name..Thanks for all the great ideas,great blog.

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