Fashion Doll Friday: Hunger Games Catching Fire Finnick 2013

Today’s Friday Guy is the last of Naomi’s Hunger Games dolls although I think he was the first one she de-boxed. He is Finnick Odair who was played by British actor Sam Claflin who has been in a number of films and TV series, including some I have actually heard of like “Peaky Blinders”, Pirates of the Caribbean:Stranger Tides and most interesting to me “The Nightingale” part of which was filmed in Oatlands.

Finnick, now known as Magnus has the same articulation as the other Hunger Games guys so he is quite poseable. Naomi has redressed him a few times and he looks good in whatever she puts on him. Here you can see him dressed for his new profession as a doctor and casually dressed for an off duty moment.



  1. I actually got to see Sam Claflin while he was in Oatlands for the shooting of the film “The Nightingale.” He seems to have done a lot of movies over the last decade. It was quite exciting to have the High Street made up for a movie set and be allowed to walk up and down the street during the breaks and to watch the film being made. This was the first guy I bought from the Hunger Games guys. His head is on a bit funny so he has this upward tilt that makes him look a little superior which he probably is being a doctor.


  2. He was my second Hunger Games doll ,after reading the books, only one I de-boxed as the others were all bought used/redressed. I was sad they didn’t make more dolls in the series. It’s awesome Naomi saw Sam that would be amazing. I like Magus as a name, I think that was Matilda’s dads name in the movie Matilda. Great blog.

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  3. I have this doll as well and that upward look of the eyes is a bit disconcerting – he can’t really look into any other doll’s eyes unless he is sitting down and they are standing up! But he is very handsome and posable. I like him as a doctor!

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