Fashion Doll Friday:Fashion Fever Summer Fall Wave 2007

Today’s Friday Girl will be familiar to you although I don’t think she has been a Friday Girl before. Her name is Pamela and she has modelled clothes on several occasions. Pamela has the “Hobbit” body so she is a bit shorter than the standard Barbie of the 2000’s and with a larger head. Today she is wearing the outfit that came with Really Rosy Kayla while her older photo shows her in an outfit from the “Animal Print” Closet.



  1. Pamela looks great in both outfits. I haven’t got the whole outfit from Really Rosy Kayla, but I do have the flowered top and it’s one of my favourites. The colours really suit your Pamela.

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  2. Petite Pamela is a charmer! Loving some less tall doll options as I explore my collection. My daughter is 5’2″ so often tried to find Skippers/friends to augment Barbie’s world. The boots/mini out fit is super cute.(Plus faux furs always posh things up. Lately I’ looking for hats and caps to cover basic no bend dolls who require wigs..Fun gal your Pamela..I imagine she would really look good in the career outfits too. (As well as the petites rocking the knit separates like vest/minis/shorts..Fun blog, getting loads of ideas.I will hafta see if Kattis dolls has this gal in Laura? face mold page?

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  3. I will also see if the 10″ Skipper/Mary-Kate/Ashley clothes might fit IF I find this gal. I recently got the Skipper size fashionista with the green mo-hawk and find she looks sweet in some odd stuff.Thankfull she came with her boots as she has the flat feet.I am enjoying the no bends more than I thought.

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