Fashion Doll Friday: Flavas Tre 2003

Our Friday Guy this week is another of Naomi’s Flavas guys. This one is another Tre who has very dark brown eyes. I am not sure which wave he came from. All the Tre dolls seem to have been very different from each other.

We still have Liam to go and I’ll feature him very soon.



  1. I went back to Mar. 19th to see the other Tre you had featured. Interesting to see how different the colouring is in these two versions. Great outfit on today’s Tre.

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  2. your Tre has the same hair as my 2003 head mark, Sutton. Shelly has two Tre’s in her ATSD album, Back to school, and Jammin in Jamaica crusin. (Both have your Tre’s hair).Tre is still on my wish-list. Love his jacket. I prefer this hair to the newer prickly style. Have had to steal G.I. Joe’s stuff to fit these guys. Meant to ask if these are Tre’s orig shoes. Great Blog!

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