Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Flavas Liam 2003

Our Friday Guy today is the last of Naomi’s Flavas guys. This one is Liam. This version of Liam came wearing red pants and trainers and an oversized black and white sweatshirt. His accessories included a blue tank top, a boombox and a microphone. I do like his eyes.

Liam was given the name Freddie but at present he is on the makeover list and may receive a new name in the future along with a new look.



  1. Liam/Freddy does look much better redressed in this blue outfit. I have this Liam, too, and the red pants and oversized white/black sweatshirt are a fashion disaster in my opinion. Sadly I haven’t taken the time to find a nice outfit for my Liam. These Flavas guys are nice with their articulation and are definitely worth giving a makeover.

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      • Have to think about this guy as he sort of reminds me of my grandson with a buzcut. My Barbies would go wild.
        I just bought myself a 60 ann. Ken silksone and he has blonde hair.I needed a guy for my Repro. gals.I hope my vintage Ken clothes fit but he has a kinda beefy chest.I have a yellow terry robe he can put on since he didn’t come with a far he’s still tied in his box.He might (looks-wise) make a good father/grandfather to Liam.

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