Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie The Look “Sweater Dress” 2016

Apologies for the late posting today. I changed my volunteering day from Monday to Thursday and did not get around to taking new photos for this post yesterday as I normally do. Instead we have a rerun this week. Our Friday Girl is one of “The Look” dolls from 2016 and she was previously featured when I first got her. Since then you will have seen Simone in a couple of posts, most recently with boyfriend Maverick.

Once I decided to debox her Simone quickly became a favourite as she has beautiful eyes and is so nice to pose for photos. She is slightly hard to dress as she has wide hips and also because not all shoes fit her. In two of these photos she is wearing the full outfit from Corduroy Cool Barbie 1999 and the boots fit her just fine.



  1. This is a favorite doll for me as well. She became a Twilight grown up daughter of Edward and Belle. Her outfit went to a damaged Brandy doll.Finnick is with my Tris doll. I like your couple. I think they both rock such diverse outfits/looks..I love the motorcycle pic..They look like a couple ready for adventure. Great blog.

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  2. Simone looks great in all the outfits. I really like the Corduroy Cool Barbie outfit because of the purple tights. Too bad Mattel doesn’t offer colourful tights or leggings iin their fashion packs.

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  3. Definitely a favorite of mine. I love her face and her hair and the sweater outfit, so modern and fashionable! I’ve always wanted this doll myself, but never found her at a decent price…and as time goes by she becomes even more valuable. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful doll in your images. I like that she has a boyfriend…so handsome!

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    • They do make a handsome couple don’t they. I was lucky that Amazon had specials a couple of times and I was able to get her for a bit less. The prices for NRFB ones now are outrageous. I loved the sweater outfit too. Party dresses and gowns are lovely but I do like good streetwear.

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