Fashion Doll Friday: Twilight Edward Cullen 2009

Hello there everyone. Sorry that this post is late going up again. I think that posting at this time on Fridays may become a regular occurrence now that I am out all day on Thursdays, at least until I get myself more organised. Of course I know that for many of you it is probably still early in the day or maybe even still Thursday depending on where you are. So as long as it’s still Friday somewhere right?

Anyway, our Friday guy today is Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. I’m rather surprised to see that I don’t appear to have featured him before because Naomi has had him for a long time. In fact, and I know she will correct me if I’m wrong, I believe she has two Edwards. We like this body type and pale complexion so he is a nice doll to restyle. This is the first version of Edward I think. Wedding Edward has flatter hair.

This doll goes by the name Nova, or occasionally by his nickname Red. He’s wearing a custom hoodie that Naomi bought online. His pants I think are Mattel. We now have nearly all the men’s clothing washed and ironed and many Ken’s who are being stored prior to possible sales have donated their clothing to the wardrobe so there are a lot more choices for the others to wear.



  1. I think I have three of them. There is Nova featured here, Captain Freddie Stein featured in a post with Belinda and April and Jesse who I think has been left as he was. There are two for sure.

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  2. No worries about when you post; life is more important. I agree that Nova looks really cool, especially with those sunglasses. I love that red hoodie! Wonderful to get doll clothes with working zippers.

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  3. Edward aka Nova is my favorite Tango face-mold doll. I have two, standard Edward and a custom Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Ben Afleck (sp?) Batman suit. Funny enough I’m wearing my Twilight hoodie today. These dolls are so fun to customize. I still have a few wish list dolls (Jane/Alice).
    The man bun fashionista could be a brother to this doll. By just mixing matching similar face-molds there can be great family groups.Fun dolls twilight and the like.Great blog thurs/fri..both.

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  4. Alice is more expensive than my first silkstone. Jane is expensive too.I’ve been using the City shine brunette.I’m also trying to buy Four from Divergent as I just got a Tris so combining w / Hunger games to make more Tributes..All these themed dolls are a good bang for the buck, they are characters, celebrities and “dressup” /stylize well.

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